Propane and Natural Gas BBQ Grills

Shopping for a new gas BBQ grill often involves checking out your local hardware store or big box home improvement store. We've all bought our gas grills this way at some point! After purchasing that shiny new gas grill, you may have ended up replacing parts fairly early and often, or even had to replace the entire grill. Believe it or not, those manufacturers and stores make more money selling parts than they do selling the grills! We've heard that roughly 80% of their revenue comes from parts, whereas only 20% comes from grill sales. We think that is simply wrong. That's not the only downfall with those grills though, most don't always cook that well either!

Since 1980, it has been our passion to help griller's find the best gas grill, at the best price possible. Want to take your BBQ grill area to the next level? Our experts can help design and install a custom BBQ island for your entertainment needs. We are pleased to offer so many of the top brands of high-end gas grills in the industry and we thank you for giving us a shot to earn your business. Here are a few tips for how to find the perfect gas grill for your backyard:

  • Value - A grill’s value should not solely be based on price. Value is a combination of features, design, functionality, engineering, quality of materials, and price.
  • Durability - The construction of a grill should be a major factor when shopping. Typically, the best quality gas grills are made of 304 stainless steel. Not all stainless is the same and if the product details don't specifically say 304, chances are it's not 304!
  • Performance - Cooking performance is determined by a number of factors including BTU, flame tamer design, burner design, etc. Gas grills that cook the best have wider temperature variances, more even heat distribution, and fewer flare ups.
  • Style - Your backyard patio or outdoor kitchen will likely be home to many a gathering with friends and family. When you have your guests over, you simply don't want an ugly grill out there. Gas grills have come a long way in regards to their styling over the years, and you may want to think about this when choosing your next gas grill. You might want to consider grills with stylish features like mirror polished edges and control panel LED lights, just to name a few.
  • Service - Don't forget to consider warranty and customer service when ultimately deciding on the perfect gas grill. Should something fail and need to be replaced, simply call our customer service team and we can help you.

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