Shopping For a Built-In Grill?

Nothing matches the convenience of a sleek outdoor kitchen island with a grill built in. With hundreds of models in stock, we have tons of options for your outdoor kitchen. Whether you are replacing an existing grill or searching for the perfect centerpiece for your new backyard paradise, we are here to help. We offer the largest selection of built-in outdoor grills. With so many of the top grill brands to choose from, the search for the right insert may seem overwhelming. Consider which class of grill head will fit your outdoor kitchen budget best. Are you looking for a luxury grill to impress your guests or an heirloom grill that will last for generations? Check out our expert reviews for unbiased evaluations on many of our most popular built-in barbeques.

Propane vs Natural Gas

One of the first decisions you’ll likely make is what fuel type your built-in gas grill will use. Natural gas is a great option, but if an existing source is not readily available you’ll need to consult your local utility company or a licensed plumber. The cost of running a new line to your home for natural gas may be a consideration. Propane is more readily available and can be purchased in portable tanks or stored in larger tanks on your property and refilled by a gas company. Liquid propane is heavier and burns hotter than natural gas, requiring different ventilation systems.

Built-In Grills