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Find the Best Vision Grills at a Low Price

Since its humble beginnings centuries ago, the clay-based and egg-shaped kamado design have been refined through years of trial and error to include the innovative features we have today.

Superior ceramic serves as a substitute for brittle clay, and the venting design has been significantly elevated. Nonetheless, the core design remains, serving as a constant reminder that, at times, simple is better.

Vision Grills come with innovative attributes. However, we’re not talking about age-space polymers or heat scanners that increase your price tag without adding to the grilling experience.

We’re referring to a few handy add-ons such as thick ceramic construction, electric starter port, and a removable ash-drawer that guarantee your grilling encounters are armed with everything you need, without the meaningless extras you don’t.

Our Lineup of Vision Grills

You can take your pick from the following models of Vision Grills.

Professional C. Series

It has reset the bar for innovation and design courtesy of its independent calibrated control systems for grilling and smoking. With built-in grilling and smoking knobs, the Professional C. Series gives you ultimate control across the broad temperature spectrum.

Professional S. Series

If you’re on the quest for an impressively versatile Ceramic Kamado Vision Grill, then the S. Series was designed with you in mind. It comes with calibrated cooking vents for unmatched temperature control, a removable ash-drawer for mess-free and effortless cleanup, and an electric starter port that makes lighting a breeze. 

Diamond-Cut B. Series

Uniting the convenience of a sliding ash removal drawer with the ease of calibrated sliding temperature control, the B. Series is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. It makes putting elbow grease to keep your grill spick and span a thing of the past and bonding with your loved ones a pleasant reality.

Upon firing up your Vision Grill, you’ll quickly realize that centuries of ingenuity coupled with modern touches, make grilling less tedious and more fun. Need help selecting a grill? Contact us today!

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