Cuisinart Bacon Grilling Rack

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The Cuisinart Bacon Grilling Rack is an ingenious tool that makes it easy to cook bacon on the grill or in the oven.

Bacon is one of the most irresistible foods known to man. The sizzle of bacon on the pan or the first whiff in the morning is enough to induce powerful cravings. But, cooking bacon on the grill is hard. The grease drops down causing flare ups burning your precious bacon. The Cuisinart Bacon Grilling Rack solves that by providing a smooth non-stick surface and grease troughs. It even folds to store away until the next bacon craving hits.

Features a non-stick surface.
The Cuisinart Bacon Rack is finished with a durable non-stick coating that keeps bacon from sticking, which makes clean-up a breeze. It's perfect for making delicious bacon burgers on the grill.

Greese collector prevents flare-ups.
To keep fat from dripping into the flames, the Cuisinart Bacon Rack is designed so that the fat drips into a trough, which protects the grill and prevents flare-ups.

Folds up for easy storage.
The compact folding design makes it easy to store when not in use. It's great for camping, and can be used with fire pits that feature flat grills. Or use it without a grill to cook bacon in the oven.

SKU 355411
Weight 5.0000
Manufacturer Cuisinart
Part No CNBR-181
Accessory Type Grill Accessories
Brand Cuisinart
Item Type Grill Topper

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