Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Rack

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Enjoy a flavorful beer butt chicken with the Charcoal Companion Beer Can Chicken Rack.

The Charcoal Companion Beer Can Chicken Rack is a premium beer can chicken roaster. It will gently moisten and season with the steam from the liquid, permeating the chicken while dry heat roasts the outside to perfection. The chicken, (or duck or turkey) cooks evenly with no effort once it has been placed on the grill or in the oven. No turning is required. You will find beer butt chicken to be the most flavorful low cholesterol cooking method available. If you want an alcohol-free alternative, try fruit juice, ginger-ale, a basting recipe, or even your favorite soda!
SKU 362277
Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Charcoal Companion
Part No CC3005
Accessory Type Grillware
Brand Charcoal Companion
Item Type Roasting Pan

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