Protective Pad (Hood Buffer) P055180051

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Protective Pad (Hood Buffer) P055180051

Protective Pad (Hood Buffer) P055180051

Compatible Models: 6305LP, 6305NG, B3810ANG, B3812BLP, BCH14A, BTE2614BLP, BTE26BNG, BTE3212ALP, BTE3212BLP, BTE3212BNG, BTE3216BLP, BTE3812BLP, BTE3812BNG, BTH2614BLP, BTH2614BNG, BTH3214BNG, GEG10A, OB2610ANG, OD26BLP, OD2611BNG, SOURCE04ALP, SOURCE04ANG, SOURCE04BLP, SOURCE04BNG, Y0663LP02, Y)663NG02, YN662LP05, YN66NG04, YN662NG05, YN662NG06, YN663LP04, YN663LP05, YN663LP06, YN663NG04, YN663NG05, YN663NG06, Y0663LP02

SKU 314070
Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Barbeques Galore
Make Grand Turbo
Model # YO663LP02
Part No P05518005I

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