Barbeques Galore Clamp Flex Light - Universal Mount

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Quick Overview

The Barbeques Galore Flex Light is the perfect addition to freestanding grills for evening grilling convenience. Its six high-intensity LED bulbs will provide ample illumination for all of your nighttime grilling needs.

The Barbeques Galore Flex Light is built to mount on most any freestanding cart model grills. Use the powerful built-in magnet in the base to attach to a stainless steel side shelf, or utilize the gripping action of the clamp to securely hold the light in place. The 24" gooseneck light is long enough to position the light exactly where it is needed. Six high-intensity LED bulbs provide ample light for the entire grill while drawing only a small amount of electricity, ensuring many nights of use on one set of three AAA batteries (not included).

Installing the Batteries

Insert three (3) AAA batteries by rotating knob counterclockwise to loosen underneath battery compartment. Remove battery holder and insert batteries as directed. Replace battery holder, making sure small metal pin is facing outward. Tighten knob.

Attaching the Light

Rotate the clamp knob to loosen clamp foot and slide over grill shelf. Tighten clamp knob to hold light in place. Switch the light on by pressing the black on/off button on the side of the light. To point the light in different directions, move the flexible neck of the light.

SKU 361363
Weight 3.0000
Manufacturer Barbeques Galore
Part No BEN-B283
Stock Message In Stock: Ships within 24-48 hours
Accessory Type Grill Accessories
Brand Barbeques Galore
Item Type Grill Light

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