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Turbo Test Kitchen

Turbo Test Kitchen

Turbo tested, Turbo proven.

Get ready to learn with us! Barbeque Galore’s own Turbo Test Kitchen is here to teach you the in’s and out’s of the world wide selling Turbo Grills.

Hosted by our very own grilling masters, hear their incredible barbecue stories as they teach you their own tips and tricks of barbecuing, grilling, and smoking! Unique rising stars of the culinary and BBQ world, our Turbo Test Kitchen features eye-catching barbecue and spectacular recipes taught by award-winning cooks.

Watch the experts and learn the art of the grill from their exclusive interviews, one-of-a-kind recipes and more!

Meet the Pros

Chuck Matto

“Growing up, grilling steaks and burgers was something my dad did frequently so it’s always been a part of my life. However, when I got a smoker for Christmas six years ago… that’s when everything changed.”

Meet Chuck

Christie Vanover

“As I fell in love with grilling, I didn’t see a lot of women on social media in the grilling space, so I saw an opportunity to change that and to inspire others."

Meet Christie

Nick Hill

“When I moved out on my own, it offered me the freedom to cook what I wanted, how I wanted, and when I wanted. I got my first smoker and ended up falling even more in love with the process.”

Meet Nick

Derek Perry

“In 2015, I purchased a pellet grill and have studied barbecue every day since. I have always used cooking as an outlet to deal with some of the stress of being a first responder.”

Meet Derek

Jason Glover

“BBQ'ing is a natural for all the dads out there... making great food for their families. BBQ is a big part of how we can bring our family to the table and make them really happy."

Meet Jason

Chris Apple

“Barbecue kind of gave me a lane to like sit down and treat life more like chess, and kind of like think out my next move more, keep me out of trouble, keep me on a good path.”

Meet Chris

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