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Guide To Outdoor Table And Chair Heights

Outdoor Table and Chair Heights

When you walk into a restaurant, you are given the option to sit at a table or a high-top. A table in a restaurant is a typical standard height, around 28 inches tall. A high-top table is between about 40 and 48 inches tall.

You can have that same option for your outdoor kitchen, but make sure you know the difference between the many different patio table heights you can choose from before you make your decision.

In this guide, we are going to cover the many options of outdoor tables and chairs you can add to your outdoor kitchen and patio area.

The Dining Table & Chair

The dining table has a standard height of around 28 inches. This outdoor patio table can accommodate dinner parties, big or small. Dining tables are the most common type of outdoor patio table. Because of this, there are many sizes, shapes, and styles of dining tables to choose from. Outdoor dining tables come in a variety of weather-resistant finishes to make them last while they are outdoors.

If you are purchasing a dining table set, there will likely be two, four, or six dining chairs that will be included. These chairs have a standard height of around 18 inches. If you are purchasing additional chairs for your dining table, you will want to make sure the chairs you purchase have a height that is around 18 inches.

The Counter Table & Chairs

Slightly taller than the dining table is the counter table. The counter table is around 36 inches tall. Counter tables are almost always round, as they are best suited for adding countertop and seating for small areas.

When buying chairs to pair with your counter table, you will need chairs that are the right height. Counter chairs are around 26 inches tall. The counter table and chairs provide an intimate setting to your outdoor kitchen and patio area.

The High-Top/Bar Height Table & Chairs

High-top tables are also known as bar height tables. They are commonly seen in bars or in the bar area of a restaurant. They are ideal for guests who want to sit or stand because of their height. High-top tables are around 42 inches tall but can be as tall as 48 inches.

Like counter tables, high-top or bar height tables are generally round so that they provide a surface area for guests without taking up too much space in your outdoor kitchen or patio; however, if you are looking to add a large seating area to entertain guests, high-top tables can be large and horseshoe-shaped so that guests can sit in a semi-circle and socialize with one another.

If you want to add high-top or bar height chairs to the table, you will need to make sure the chairs are between 29 and 32 inches.

The Bistro Table & Chairs

A bistro table can be slightly shorter or the same height as a dining table but taller than a coffee table. They are called bistro tables because they provide a casual seating and surface area for your outdoor kitchen. Bistro tables are typically round and paired with two chairs for an intimate and casual setting.

If you have an outdoor dining table and chairs, you can use two of the dining chairs to pair with the bistro table; otherwise, you can add standard dining chairs with a height of around 18 inches.


Patio table height should be considered when adding surface and seating area to your outdoor kitchen and patio area and knowing the many options you have will help you decide which patio table and chairs are right for you.

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