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If you believe that chicken is the only food that is cooked on rotisseries, then we’re here to change that. While a rotisserie is typically used to grill chicken, its versatile nature grants you free rein to explore your options. So, you can cook suckling pigs, a lamb leg, or prime rib. The world is your oyster!

While investing in a rotisserie for your outdoor sanctuary requires some thought, we’ve rounded up a few options to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Rotisserie Basket

If you’re on the quest for enhanced versatility, then consider BBQ rotisseries with cages or baskets. The basket connects to the rod through the exterior or middle. A tumbler basket then paves the way for small objects like vegetables to move around when the cooking is underway freely. Concurrently, a flat basket comes in handy for keeping fragile foods such as fish from disintegrating.

Rotisserie Kit

Some kits are universal, whereby they’re compatible with most conventional grills. But, others are branded to suit specific grills. And, each kit ushers in unique perks.  The branded counterparts take the guesswork out of finding the ideal model. However, you’d need to select the exact one that’s a perfect match for your grill for optimal functionality.

Universal rotisserie kits come in a broad spectrum of sizes that you’ll need to be aware of to find the right fit. Some brands don’t churn out rotisseries that are limited to grills, which means your options are tied to the universal kits.

Armed with essential information on rotisseries, your next course of action is to start thinking about how you can utilize them. After all, the possibilities are endless! You can also reach out to our in-house professionals to draw inspiration on ways to expand your menu or find the perfect rotisserie and other accessories for your outdoor gas grill. Our goal is to ensure you have a happy grilling experience for years to come.

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