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Fireplaces appeal to nearly everyone. Family events and holiday shindigs are a time when many people seek the comfort and warmth of a fireplace. As a tradition, families have taken to gather around a fireplace and delight in each other’s company. Furthermore, curling up with a cup of coffee, a drink, or a captivating book, is a common, well-liked pastime.

But, if your home has a modern and chic feel and look, you might have some concerns that a traditional fireplace won’t pair well with your décor. Well, the good news is, the days of having an archaic log fireplace are long gone. A fireplace can be blended perfectly into any design style courtesy of our in-house specialists.

With that being said, here’s a breakdown of the essential factors to consider, that’ll ensure you choose the ideal fireplace for you.

Fuel Type

Review each of the fuel options below to decide on the right fit for your home.


While their illusory flames are created with innovative illuminated displays as a substitute for generic combustion, electric fireplaces make home heating a breeze and add a decorative flair. The effortless installation, cleanup, and ease of use make these units the perfect eco-friendly option compared to the wood-burning counterparts. A simple plug-in to a power outlet is all it takes to get the comfort and warmth you yearn for.


As an excellent option to the wood-burning counterparts, a gas fireplace saves you the hassle of chopping wood, starting a fire, and cleaning up the ashes and soot. It’s user-friendly, with some models being remote-controlled.


While it produces a high heat output, a wood-burning fireplace requires frequent cleaning, a direct B-vent, and annual maintenance.


Gas, Wood, or Pellet Fireplace

Recruit a certified expert from the National Fireplace Institute.

Electric Fireplace

Recruit a licensed expert to install the fireplace outlets for plug-in options, electric log sets, and inserts.

Recessed Fireplace and Wall-Mount

Hire a certified general contractor to do the installation.

Still need assistance to decide on the right fireplace for your space? Then call our in-house professionals today!

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