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Best Outdoor Dining Sets for 2022

The best outdoor kitchen layout is not complete without a set of dining chairs, outdoor loungers, and a weather-proof coffee table.

Many of the larger hardware and gardening stores sell dining sets, but they often do not have every set available in-store or do not have many options available, in general. The best outdoor dining sets are found online, especially in the year of 2022.

Here are the top-rated outdoor dining sets for 2022, all their features, and the best way to use those sets according to their best attributes. Pay attention to the layout and included pieces for each outdoor dining set and think about how the furniture will fit in with your patio dining space.

Some dining sets will make a living area look cramped and small, while others give it more visual space and comfortability; it all depends on your space.

1. Best Contempo Outdoor Dining Set

Best Contempo Outdoor Dining Set

Contempo 5-Piece Lounge Dining Set

The Contempo 5-Piece Lounge Dining Set has a subtly basic design and color scheme with gray cushions and light gray furniture structures. There are no exotic colors, but the design of the dining set speaks for itself because of the shape and ultimate comfort it provides.

Concerning placement, this is the perfect type of dining set you might want if you have an extraordinarily colorful garden or landscape nearby. Flowers, shrubs, and other colorful decorative items look best when paired with a contrasting color scheme.

Place this outdoor dining set next to a vibrant flowerbed to help the garden stand out better. You could also add a decorative centerpiece to the table to help tie it into the landscape. Try adding a vase with flowers from the garden to really make the living space look tied in with the landscape.

See the product page for the exact dimensions of the chairs and table in the set, including the width, depth, and height for each piece. These dimensions could determine whether it is the best outdoor dining set for you.

  • Includes: a sofa, two lounge chairs, a bench, and a Spraystone dining table
  • Rust-resistant
  • Aluminum framing in furniture
  • High-density seat foam under the fabric
  • Plush poly-fill back cushions
  • Hand-painted, brushed finish
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2. Best Athena Outdoor Dining Set

Best Sawyer Outdoor Dining Set

Athena 5-Piece Set

Here is what you need for your beachy patio. The Athena 5-Piece Set has two pieces of pastel-colored lounge dining furniture with light tan, almost teak-colored, hand-woven wicker bases and frames underneath the furniture and making up the armrests. The cushions are grey and take on the tone of whatever color of accent pillows you place on top.

This dining set would look best on a light tan wood flooring of patio or light-colored stones. They could match almost anything, especially in a garden or tropical scene, but decorative rocks are the best accenting pieces, as they are with most outdoor patios.

  • Athena Dark Sofa
  • Athena Dark Loveseat
  • Athena Dark Club Swivel Chair
  • Athena Dark Coffee Table
  • Athena Dark Accent Table
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3. Ariana 3-Piece Set

Best Ariana Outdoor Dining Set

Ariana 3-Piece Set

The Ariana 3-Piece Set is a slightly larger outdoor dining set because it is a sectional, and there are a few other pieces you can add on by purchasing them separately.

Since the cushions are green, this outdoor dining set will match with almost anything; so, think about adding any of your preferred decorations.

This dining set will look delightful in any design scheme, whether your patio is beach-themed, rustic, garden-oriented, or plain and simple.

Sectionals like this are also better for larger patio living areas since the sectional couch can fit nicely along the corner of the space to create a barrier between the flooring and the grass.

An important feature to recognize in this outdoor dining set is that the dining table is nice and tall to make eating easier; some outdoor dining sets include more of a coffee table that is short and not ideal for dining, but that is not the case with this set.

  • Includes: a 3-piece sectional sofa, one lounge chair, one bench, and one dining table
  • Ariana Deep Seat Sofa
  • Ariana Deep Seat Love Seat
  • Ariana Club Chair
  • Twelve (12) Sunbrella Cushions
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Best Outdoor Dining Set of 2022

The best outdoor dining set for you will essentially depend on the layout, size, and shape of your outdoor living space. Not all patios and outdoor living areas allow for a full-sized sectional couch, two lounge chairs, and a dining table. However, smaller sets are available if that is the problem with your outdoor dining area.

Overall, the best outdoor dining set of 2022 is the Contempo 5-Piece Lounge Dining Set. It has the most straightforward design and can match almost any outdoor eating area. If you are not a fan of dining sets that are elaborate in color and stand-out, then this simple outdoor dining set is what you want.

For a larger outdoor dining set, try the Athena 5-Piece Set. Sectionals are fun to have around a dining table because they encourage more socializing with the guests and create a barrier for the dining area. 

No matter which outdoor dining set you choose, remember to think ahead about the decorations you plan to incorporate in the dining space because that could be a huge determining factor, especially if those decorations do not match the cushion fabric or wood color of the furniture bases.

All-in-all, any of these outdoor dining sets could be perfect. Each set is high-quality and weather-resistant, so you never have to worry about the color of the cushions fading or the wood warping.

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