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What Kamado Grill Size to Get?

Do you value versatility when grilling? Then a kamado grill for your outdoor kitchen is right up your alley. It can sear, roast, smoke, or grill just about any type of food ranging from bread to pizza. As part of the charcoal grill family, the term ‘kamado’ refers to a ceramic cooking pot in Japan. It’s layered with aluminum, stainless steel, or cast-iron outer shell that’s built for excellent temperature control.

Furthermore, a kamado grill is a beast at heat retention compared to the generic charcoal counterparts that are available in portable, freestanding, or built-in configurations.

Ceramic Kamado Grills

Drawing inspiration from cooking techniques applied centuries ago, the ceramic body of these kamado grills has stood the test of time. They’re unrivaled when it comes to holding in smoke, generating moisture, and heat retention while grilling.

Kamado Charcoal Grills

Natural lump charcoal that comprises various charred hardwoods grants you free rein to draw rich flavor from these kamado grills. Here’s a breakdown of the top brands we stock that’ll give you value for your money.

Kamado Joe

The Pro, Big, and Classic Joe series are the best of the best, delivering steakhouse-caliber performance right in the comfort of your home. They have all the bells and whistles, unsurpassed versatility, quality, and flexibility, and state-of-the-art features that you won’t find elsewhere.

The unique heat-resistant ceramic layering, Kontrol Tower Top vent, and the Divide and Conquer Cooking System are only a few of the features that put Kamado Joe at the top. And, the Pro series boasts an 864 square-inch, three-tiered rack to cater for just about any type of alfresco cooking.

Big Green Egg

Vision Grills

Looking for a gas grill? Read our guide on the best built-in grills here. Need further assistance? We want to ensure you find a high-quality grill for your home, so call one of our professionals to find a barbecue grill today!

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