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Best Gas Patio Heaters of 2024

After spending hours buying and placing outdoor furniture and decorating a patio area, it will be hard to enjoy it if the weather is on the cold side. Your guests will most likely only put up with the freezing temperatures for so long, and the party will have to move indoors. A gas patio heater is your solution.

Gas patio heaters are a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space. Many of the best gas patio heaters of 2024 are somewhat stylish and very effective at heating a large area outdoors.

Some gas patio heaters stand nearly six feet tall, while others sit horizontally along a wall or mount up high. The shape of the patio and the amount of space available may determine which outdoor gas heater you buy, so consider every option.

These are the top-rated gas patio heaters of 2024.

1. Best Gas Patio Heater Overall

AEI Patio Comfort Portable Stainless Steel Patio Heater - Propane

The AEI Patio Comfort Portable Stainless Steel Patio Heater gets our vote as one of the best overall natural gas patio heaters. The portable propane heater provides both convenience and safety with its pilot/safety system.

The portable propane burner is rated to produce a minimum amount of noise while providing comfort and is protected with a 100% safety shut-off. Combining this with an aluminum reflector designed for maximum comfort makes this one of the best outdoor patio heaters that you can purchase.

  • Manually operated control system
  • No need for electric power
  • Automatic pilot ignition for constant heat
  • On/off switch connected to a 100% safety shutoff
  • Sturdy commercial-grade stainless steel
  • 12-15 Foot Circle of Heat

2. Best Gas Patio Heater For Portability

AEI Sunglo A270 Portable Stainless Steel Heater W/ D.S. Ignition - Propane

The AEI Sunglo A270 Portable Stainless Steel Heater W/ D.S. Ignition is one of the more efficient gas patio heaters because it provides draft-free heat. The domed top helps to push heat in the right direction, more effectively providing warmth to guests standing underneath.

This AEI Patio Heater is the best outdoor heater for areas that have multiple seasons and constant weather changes; it is effortlessly portable and has a wheel kit that aids in movement.

  • 40,000 BTUs of heat
  • Portable Gas Heater
  • Battery Operated Ignition System
  • Portable wheel kit included for moving the heater
  • Includes Safety Pilot System
  • Approximate 12' Heat Coverage

3. Best Gas Patio Heater For Decoration

AEI Portable Antique Bronze Patio Heater – Propane

The AEI Patio Comfort Portable Antique Bronze Patio Heater is practically identical to its stainless steel counterpart, except this heater has a more design-oriented Antique Bronze finish. This patio heater is complimentary to any outdoor decoration or landscape layout. Combining timeless, elegant antique designs with the latest heating innovation, a top-rated outdoor patio heater brings you the best in long-lasting comfort and heat.

  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Self-contained
  • Very portable with wheel kit included
  • UL listed and approved
  • Includes Safety Pilot System
  • Up to 10 hours of use on stand 5-gallon OPD cylinder

4. Best Gas Patio Heater W/ Wireless Control

Twin Eagles 48" Gas Infrared Heater

Bring the best, top-rated outdoor heater to your home with the Twin Eagles 48" Gas Infrared Heater can be for all different areas. A lower patio deck is the perfect place for a gas patio heater such as this, and with mounting brackets, you can place it high or low. For higher placement along a wall, the wireless remote control makes it incredibly easy to change the heat setting without having to leave the comfort of your chair.

  • Two heat settings – Low (25,000 BTUs) and High (37,000 BTUs)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Spark ignition
  • 100% safety pilot
  • Safety grill
  • Mounting brackets for hanging included

5. Best Gas Patio Heater For Energy Efficiency

HEATSTRIP 2 Portable Outdoor Heater - Propane

The HEATSTRIP 2 Portable Outdoor Heater - Propane is the ideal heater for wide patios. The HEATSTRIP Portable Outdoor Heater effectively distributes heat across your outdoor area without eating up all the fuel.

For the highest energy efficiency, this is the best patio heater because 90% of its input energy is converted directly to radiant heat – not something you would typically find with other heaters.

  • New burner and hexagonal grill design
  • Improved wind resistance
  • Constructed of stainless steel, with high temperature paint
  • Fully concealed gas pipes and bottle
  • 20% higher radiant output
  • Finger touch On/Off control

6. Best Gas Patio Heater For Small Spaces

AEI Sunglo A242 Portable Black Heater - Natural Gas

The AEI Sunglo A242 Portable Black Heater boasts an impressive 50,000 BTU of heat per hour! Designed in a slim cylinder style, this Sunglo model embodies convenience while saving you the hassle of a large gas tank.

Crafted from heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel, this top-rated patio heater is perfect for the outdoors. No wonder our experts consider it the best natural gas outdoor heater for small spaces!

  • 100% Safety Shutoff Control
  • 34 1/2" One Piece Aluminum Reflector
  • Turn Heater ON/OFF with a Switch
  • Automatic Pilot Ignition
  • Wind Rating: 10 MPH Horizontal
  • CSA Certified

Best Gas Patio Heater Of 2024

The absolute best gas patio heater that you can buy this year is the Patio Comfort Ambiance Stainless Steel Heater – Propane. It is a popular patio heater used by restaurants and event spaces, but you can use it as a lovely addition to your back patio at home.

For a smaller patio, consider using the Twin Eagles 48" Gas Infrared Heater, which sits horizontally either on the base of a wall or mounted up high. The other gas patio heaters are also highly functional, and any could be the perfect gas patio heater for you.

If you are going to choose a new gas patio heater and do not have much time to look around, one of these options could be the best start.

Don't be afraid to reach out to our expert customer service team if you need any help picking between these top-rated patio heaters.

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