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  • Timber Griddle Top For Wood Pellet Heater (GRIDDLE ONLY) - WPPAGR1.1
    Ships in 1-2 Days
  • Big Timber Stainless Elite Safety Cage For Wood Pellet Heater (CAGE ONLY) - WPPHA009
    Ships in 1-2 Days

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Wood-burning Heaters

Discover just how our wood-burning heaters create a warm, cozy ambiance in your indoor or outdoor space. Producing up to 70,000 BTUs and more of heat, adding this appliance to your home will not only be a supplemental heat source but can reduce energy costs. Savor your patio space this season with your own wood-burning patio heater

Our wood heaters feature outstanding capabilities. Most models of wood-fired patio heaters are EPA certified to ensure a clean, efficient burn with low environmental impact. They include stand-alone wood patio heaters units and even portable patio heaters models.

Wood-Burning Outdoor Heaters come with a spacious firebox that will accommodate any amount of patio heater wood logs, increasing burn time and decreasing time spent refueling the heater. Some also serve as cooking stoves, with flat tops that will support a pot or frying pan. No matter how big or small your patio is, you'll find the perfect wood-burning heater to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends.

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