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Charcoal Grills: What to Look For

When the warm months roll around, it’s time to prepare for longer days, which means spending more time in your outdoor kitchen. Whether this means some R&R at the beach or firing up a barbecue with family and friends, nothing beats soaking up some sun and defrosting from the chilly weather. Find the best built-in grills here.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, charcoal grills are the go-to for some people because they inspire unwavering loyalty, and with good reason. For starters, they demand a certain level of strategy coupled with patience to get the desired tenderness and char. Or perhaps it feels like the perfect hobby to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon honing. Secondly, let’s face it. Nothing tops the rich, smoky, mind-blowing flavor that charcoal grills infuse in food.

With that being said, if you’re ready to join the legions of devoted charcoal grilling fans for whatever reason, below are the essential buying factors to consider.

1. Cooking Style and Purpose

While we have a barrage of luxury charcoal grills from reputable brands in the industry, the best option is ultimately one that gels with your cooking style. For instance, are you on the quest for a product that’s geared towards low-and-slow barbeque chicken and ribs? Do you intend to sear more steaks and burgers when having larger shindigs? Are you looking to smoke on a charcoal grill for added flavor?

If so, you’ll need a product that’s roomy enough to build your coals on one side while leaving plenty of space for your food on the opposite side. It should also have an adjustable charcoal basket that you can raise or lower as you deem fit.

Moreover, ventilation is an essential factor to consider. Choose a product that’s tightly sealed to hold in the smoke while providing enough air vents for the proper regulation of temperature.

2. Durability

The construction of a product is more important than how aesthetically pleasing it is. Usually, the most durable charcoal grills are built from top-grade, 304-stainless steel. But, remember, if a product’s features don’t indicate that it’s designed from 304, then chances are it’s not because stainless steel differs by grade.

By investing in a heavy-duty charcoal grill such as the ones we sell, you’re guaranteed that it’ll serve you well for years down the road. The opposite is true for a product designed from poor quality materials that’ll corrode or rust with time.

3. Cleaning

The thought of turning over a barbecue grill to clean out any leftover ash or charcoal will make anyone cringe. So, before hastily making a purchase, consider a product that comes with an easy to clean out handy feature. Our wealth of options comes with a pull-out ash basket or tray that you can effortlessly remove and dump. This makes the cleaning process a walk in the park.

Are you new to the game and still have questions on BBQ grills? Our in-house professionals are always available to help you find the ideal product that’ll meet all your grilling needs. So, give them a call today, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an outdoor entertaining champion!

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