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Patio Heaters

Creating an inviting and warm space has never been easier than with our broad range of patio heaters. Built with longevity in mind, they have the uncanny ability to withstand the elements. So, they can remain set up in your backyard year-round even when the harsh winters roll around. When it’s time to gather on the patio, simply turn on these heaters and delight in the radiant warmth they emanate.

Available in a wealth of designs, the chances of not finding a patio heater that best fits your needs are slim to none. While others discharge warmth from a heated section that’s protected by a hood, some heaters produce dancing flames that travel as per the column’s length.

Fuel Type

Patio heaters are categorized according to the following types of fuel.


Patio heaters that incorporate this fuel type discharge a lower intensity of heat compared to the natural gas counterparts. However, the floor-standing options usher in portability.


The installation process for electric patio heaters is a walk in the park. And, they function seamlessly without air circulation. They may not get as hot as the natural gas counterparts. But, a barrage of electric models emanates more heat compared to propane patio heaters. Furthermore, filling gas tanks becomes the least of your concerns.

Natural Gas

If you’re looking for a portable option, then natural gas patio heaters aren’t ideal because they have to be connected to running gas lines to function. Nonetheless, they make up for their immobility in heat. These devices are the cleanest-burning and quite literally the hottest in today’s market.


The availability of gas in your outdoor sanctuary impacts the type of fuel used. But, style is another important aspect that comes into play when shopping for a patio heater. We offer a myriad of styles that are available in at least two fuel types.

  • Freestanding: For mobility, you’ll need freestanding propane or electric patio heater that doesn’t demand installation. But, keep in mind that they take up more space in your backyard.
  • Ceiling and Wall Mount: These patio heaters create more room in your backyard and require installation on the walls or ceiling where they’re out of the way.
  • Tabletop: With no installation required, these patio heaters mimic the appearance of outdoor lamps and heat small spaces.
  • Open-flame: As they ward of chilly, unwelcome air, open-flame patio heaters inject ambiance into the atmosphere. With a dancing flame that’s safely contained, the unique appearance of real fire infuses a campfire touch to your outdoor space. In turn, this brings visual charm and inviting warmth to the mix.
  • Hanging: While they don’t occupy floor space, hanging patio heaters require installation. And, they can only heat a small space.

Still uncertain about the right fit for you? Our experts are always a call away, ready to step in and help you customize your outdoor space to create the perfect ambiance for your friends and family.

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