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Portable Heaters

Regardless of where you live or the type of weather you’re acclimated to, there are times when freestanding heaters will come in handy. Even during the warmer months, the temperatures can dip, and you’re faced with chilly evenings or mornings.

With no installation required, a portable heater can make a world of difference as it’s ready to use, right off the bat. And, you can move it around, contrary to the built-in options. This is especially essential when you want to reorganize your patio furniture or entirely redesign an outdoor space.

Along with their portable nature, freestanding heaters are aesthetically pleasing as they come in a lamp or pyramid style, which accentuates your space. Nonetheless, the variation in fuel types, as discussed below, leaves you with the biggest decision to make.

  • Propane: It’s the go-to fuel type for outdoor heaters because of the unrivaled versatility it ushers in. With a propane gas tank safely tucked away as opposed to being connected to a gas line, these freestanding heaters are the epitome of portable. All you have to do is refill the tank when it runs out of gas to keep you and your guests comfortable when the chilly evenings or mornings set in.
  • Electric: As an alternative that eliminates the need for natural gas plumbing or refilling propane tanks, electric freestanding heaters emanate pleasant and gentle heat. This makes them suitable for small spaces. And, all you need is a power source.
  • Natural Gas: For starters, your space will require natural gas plumbing. While this type of portable heater ushers in restricted movement, you might just discover that it’s worth avoiding the hassle of repeatedly refilling a propane tank. Moreover, it burns the hottest, which keeps your outdoor sanctuary cozy and warm.

Regardless of the space you’re looking to heat or your budget, Barbeques Galore has a wealth of options from renowned brands that come in different styles. So, if you’re uncertain on the freestanding heater to buy, get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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