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  • Weber Q1400 Electric Grill
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    Fire Magic Electric E250t Patio Post Mount Grill
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    $2,773.00 $2,495.70
  • Evo Affinity 25E Drop-In Cooktop Stainless Steel Electric BBQ Grill - 10-0061-EL
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    Weber Searwood XL 600 Pellet Grill - 1500121
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  • Weber Pulse 2000 Electric Grill - 5012001
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    $999.00 $849.00
  • Coyote 18-Inch Built-In / Portable 1300 Watt Electric Grill On Patio Post - C1EL120SM / C1ELCT21
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  • Coyote 18-Inch Portable 1300 Watt Electric Grill - C1EL120SM
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    Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Portable 1500 Watt Electric Grill - Black - PRO285E-BK
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    $349.00 $299.00
  • Blaze 21-Inch Portable 1500 Watt Electric Grill - BLZ-ELEC-21
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    $1,862.49 $1,489.99
  • Weber Q2400 Electric Grill
    Ships in 1 - 2 Days
    $499.00 $399.00

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What to Look for in an Electric Grill

Summer is upon us again! Plans for the big neighborhood 4th of July celebration are underway. You’ve sent out invitations, informed everyone on what to bring, but there’s just one thing missing. You promised to grill summer favorites such as hot dogs, skewers, and burgers for your guests, yet you don’t own a high-end grill. You’ll need to find one that’s affordable and provides unmatched efficiency. So that settles it; it’s time to invest in an electric grill.

Electric grills have significantly evolved in the last decade. Today’s array of options rivals the gas and charcoal counterparts. Moreover, the versatility and simplicity they posses, along with the perks discussed below, make them an ideal alternative to the traditional grills.


It’s no secret that cooking over an open-flame is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, post mount electric grills are perfect for outdoor cooking without the need to create smoke or burn gas. Furthermore, they eliminate the need for charcoal ash disposal.

Space Requirements

Granted, portable electric grills meet the demands of small spaces. However, they don’t have to be compact. While you may have plenty of room for a traditional grill, your landlord or local codes may require you to use counterparts without open flames. In such scenarios, freestanding electric grills are your holy grail.

Convenience and Taste

Electric grills usher in the opportunity to experience the rich flavors of different vegetables and meats without the taste of lighter fluid. If you revel in grilling foods such as herb-crusted lamb that are infused with subtle flavors or use delicate spices in your brines, then an outdoor electric grill is right up your alley. But, this doesn’t imply that these electric devices are incapable of generating smoky flavors. They pair well with flavored wood chips.


We offer models that heat in a jiffy and are highly adjustable, delivering unmatched temperature control. With an electric grill, the days of patiently waiting for the charcoal to illuminate are long gone. Turn it on, set your preferred temperature, and grill away!


Our contemporary electric grills come in a broad spectrum of sizes and configurations. Given that they don’t use traditional fuel sources or open flames, this makes them perfect for bringing along for the ride when enjoying exhilarating outdoor activities like camping or tailgating. Furthermore, you have free rein to choose a built-in counterpart rather than a portable grill that’ll be tucked away in your attic or garage when indoor weather rolls around.

Easy Cleaning

Our outdoor kitchen grills are not only user-friendly but also a breeze to clean, with consumed fuel sources or ashes being the least of your worries. Just brush the grates with every use as you would with the conventional grills. Then, bask in the added convenience that comes with the removable drip trays.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing electric grills over other counterparts that have littered the market, help is always a phone call away. We’re ready to answer your queries and clear up any reservations you may have. And, we’ll help you find the perfect product that’ll serve you well for decades down the road. So, reach out to us today!

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