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Gas Heaters: Keep Warm All Year

Let’s face it. Without gas heaters, extending your outdoor season by ensuring you and your loved ones are cozy when the harsh winters and chilling evenings roll around would be nearly impossible. Based on your needs and patio, you can take your pick between a freestanding and mounted model to obtain your preferred heat coverage.

Are you on the quest for more permanent solutions to outdoor heating? Then your search ends here with the vast assortment of mounted gas heaters we have in stock. They burn hotter than the electric counterparts and save you on space by being positioned on walls or ceilings.

Natural Gas Heaters

While they burn the hottest, they must be connected to a gas line. However, refilling them becomes the least of your concerns.

Outdoor Propane Heaters

With no installation required, their portable nature allows you to reposition them as you deem fit. But, given they run on propane gas tanks, you’ll need to refill them from time to time.

The Perfect Outdor Patio Heater

When choosing a gas heater that’ll be the perfect addition to your outdoor sanctuary, consider the following factors to help narrow down your search.

  • Safety: We get it. You want an aesthetically pleasing gas heater as much as the next person. But, your safety is more important, which is why the models we stock are armed with features such as safety pilot shutoff system, oxygen depletion sensors, and automatic re-ignition.
  • Longevity: Going cold because your heater didn’t stand the test of time is the last thing you need. Therefore, consider gas heaters that are built from durable materials such as top-grade stainless steel that can withstand the elements. For instance, Seraphina.

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