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Find the Best Big Green Eggs at a Low Price

Even to novice barbeque enthusiasts, some grills have the advantage of being universally recognizable. This is particularly true for the kamado or iconic ceramic style grill, popularly referred to as the Big Green Egg. It garnered attention as the first of its kind in the US.

While only a handful of products that first hit the market have the luxury of becoming impressively synonymous with their brands, the Big Green Egg (BGE) remains known to date.

It's been about 50 years since its penetration into the grilling world, but the BGE remains one of the most durable and easily accessible kamado grills in the market.

A myriad of grills appeals to seasoned backyard veterans or novices, but the Big Green Egg is an incredible choice for both.

What Makes The Big Green Egg So Special?

Let’s explore a few traits that set this grill apart from the pack.

Simple to Start

The BGE attains an ideal cooking temperature and is ready for use in a few minutes. Our 100% natural lump charcoal is designed from top-grade cuts of natural hardwood for unrivaled results and performance. Lighting the charcoal is always an easy and swift process, as the design of the BGE paves the way for air to circulate efficiently.

Safer To Use

Compared to generic metallic grills, the Big Green Egg's ceramic surface is impressively safe to use because it doesn’t become as hot. Furthermore, the source of heat is protected within a ceramic firebox in the interior of the base.

Easy Cleanup

The BGE comprises a sturdy cooking grid made of professional-grade stainless steel, a sophisticated green exterior with a lifetime eye-catching glaze that wipes down easily without a chemical cleaner. Inside, residual heat burns away any build-up of grease, as is the case with self-cleaning ovens. Moreover, there’s a minimal build-up of ash.

Worth Every Coin

The BGE’s greatest selling point is its uncanny ability to do one thing better than nearly all grills on the market, giving you precise control over the level of heat being used for grilling your food. Furthermore, the ceramic comes with a lifetime warranty.

Time and again, our customers report back to us that the ability to influence the level of heat by making use of the ventilation system is unmatched. Similarly, upon selecting a temperature, it remains constant for hours with no further adjustments required.

When you use the Big Green Egg, you’re using a grill that’s not only eager to give you full control but also naturally flattens out fluctuation. What more could you ask for rather than an amazing savory outcome controlled by you?

The BGE shines through when we mention the numbers behind its performance. There’s no denying the efficiency of this grill when it can soar to temperatures of more than 750 ℉ (400 ℃), maintain a cooking session of up to 16 hours with one load of charcoal.

Beating objective numbers for a barbeque enthusiast is no mean feat, and the Big Green Egg delivers them along with genuinely gratifying results. Its true power stems from its uncanny ability to slow cook any food that can fit in its large enclosure. You’re not restricted to a few steaks.

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