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Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Accessories

What better way to revel in beautiful weather and the company of family and friends than cooking outdoors? Let’s face it. Gathering everyone in a kitchen can be an uphill battle, so those cooking are usually left out of the lively conversations and the fun of family dinners and parties. Additional space outside allows the cooks to get in on the action while still preparing piping hot, delicious meals.

An outdoor pizza oven is an amazing addition to your home. After all, what kind of food is more suitable for shindigs than pizza? These handy devices cook in a jiffy and provide the bubbling cheese and crispy crusts of your favorite eatery.

If you’re looking for an outdoor pizza oven, then your search ends here. We have a wealth of options that range from built-in and freestanding to the portable counterparts from renowned brands such as Alfa, Twin Eagles, Alfresco, and Solé Gourmet.

We’ve rounded up a few tips to steer you in the right direction to find the best outdoor pizza oven for you.

1. Type of Fuel

Pizza ovens use two types of fuel.

  • Wood burning: It entails plain or flavored hardwood pellets that infuse your food with an unforgettable authentic, smoky flavor. Wood burning ovens soar to temperatures of 800-900 degrees. This brings a rich, wood-fired crunch to your pizzas, meats, vegetables, and bread, which you cannot achieve with a traditional oven. Wood burning ovens usually hold a couple of smaller (12-inch) pies or an extra-large pizza.
  • Gas: It’s convenient and user-friendly. Simply turn on the gas knobs, let the oven preheat, and you’re good to go. For outdoor kitchens, a natural gas line is plumbed to your built-in pizza oven as a hassle-free and economic fuel source.

2. Design and Materials

All pizza ovens feature a dome-shaped ceiling that’s a beast at uniformly spreading and directing the heat. Therefore, the hearth and dome must be well-insulated for greater temperatures to be reached and sustained. In turn, this increases cooking efficiency, which is important when hosting larger crowds.

Products built from top-grade stainless steel can withstand the elements and constant extreme heat inside a pizza oven, thus enhancing its longevity.

3. Size

Our products vary in size, from the compact, portable options that can cook one pizza at a time to the larger counterparts that can simultaneously cook multiple foods. Therefore, when seeking an outdoor pizza oven, consider the purpose. Will you host large shindigs or small, intimate ones? If camping, tailgating, and other exhilarating outdoor activities tickle your fancy, consider portable options that allow you to whip up freshly-baked foods from anywhere.

At Barbeques Galore, our goal is to ensure you get the right fit for you. Whether it’s the Capt'N Cook OvenPlus, ALFA Ciao M 27-Inch Countertop, or an outdoor pizza oven that’s entirely different and unique to your home, we have an array of irresistible deals.

Our experts are also a call away to offer great advice if you need guidance on the right product to buy, coupled with a few accessories. Nothing beats having a pizzeria a few steps away, particularly if you’re armed with recipes that you’re eager to try. So, place your order today!

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