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Campesino 30-Inch Rustic Wood Fire Table LP
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Campesino 30-Inch Rustic Wood Fire Table LP

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Barbeques Galore Table w/ Lovinflame Fire Pit Insert

Lovinflame Fire Table w/ 2 x 1L Fuel

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Lovinflame Fire Pit Burner Insert

Lovinflame 20-Inch Stainless Steel Burner Insert - 425006

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The Outdoor Greatroom Kenwood Rectangular Fire Table with Tempered Glass Wind Guard

The Outdoor Greatroom Kenwood Rectangular Fire Table with Tempered Glass Wind Guard

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Outdoor GreatRoom Stonefire Fire Pit Table - Lifestyle

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Stonefire 31-Inch Round Gas Fire Pit Table - Brown - SF-32-K

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Outdoor GreatRoom Kenwood Rectangular Chat Fire Pit Table - Lifestyle

The Outdoor Greatroom Kenwood Rectangular Fire Table - Chat Height - KW-1224-K

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Fire Pits & Tables

Do you delight in the great outdoors and want to spruce up your patio with eye-catching décor while adding warmth to the chilly evenings? Then a fire pit is the solution you’re looking for. It’s a standard-sized table with a fire pit that sits right at the heart of it.

Allowing you and your guests to comfortably sit outside in cooler weather, we have a broad range of models that vary in functionality, fuel type, and materials.

While some fire pits are built to provide an exquisite aesthetic, others double as a table, thus enhancing functionality. We’ll steer you in the right direction towards finding a fire pit that’ll illuminate your outdoor sanctuary in more ways than you can imagine.

Fuel Type

When shopping for a fire pit table, there are different fuel types to choose from, as discussed below.

Fire-pit tables that run on natural gas or propane ignite in a jiffy and produce less smoke compared to the wood-burning counterparts. The flame is also controlled, which makes it ideal for you and your guests to gather around in your patio.

While the propane counterparts are clean-burning with no messy cleanup required, they’re pricier than natural gas fire pits. And, they come with a propane gas tank which requires regular refilling for functionality.

Similar to having a gas grill, natural gas fire pits don’t call for regularly refilling a bulky tank to function. But, they demand a professionally installed, permanent gas line. Therefore, moving them around after installation implies spending a significant amount of time and money.

As the most economic options on the market, natural gas fire pit tables come in gel, charcoal, wood, and bio-ethanol fuel types. If you’re on the quest for a rustic campfire ambiance, then a wood-burning fire pit could be the perfect fit.

And, your flames will burn hotter and larger, making them ideal for colder regions. But, keep in mind that starting and maintaining the fire can be a hassle.

Fire Tables, Bowls, and Urns

The type of fuel isn’t the only aspect to factor in when shopping for the perfect fire pit for your backyard. They come in various styles, particularly as fire bowls, which can be portable or immobile. Our experts can help you find urns that are taller and add a flair of elegance to an outdoor space while hiding unsightly propane tanks.

Safety Precautions

Barbeques Galore wants you to be safe while installing and using your outdoor firepit. So, we recommend the following safety guidelines to diminish the risk of potential incidents.

  • Don’t leave it unattended
  • Avoid placing it on wood, asphalt, or a lawn
  • Avoid moving it while it’s in use
  • Keep water or a fire extinguisher or sand within arm’s reach in case of emergencies
  • Only use the fuel types that the manufacturer recommends

Make Your Dream Come True

What better way to pull your backyard, deck, or patio together than with a fire pit? Sitting around a bonfire with your loved ones having great conversations filled with lots of laughter sounds perfect.  Even more, what beats enjoying an outdoor fire pit than roasting all-time favorites such as marshmallows?

But, commuting from one retail store to the next can be time-consuming and have you engulfed in a wave of confusion. Therefore, at Barbeques Galore, we always ensure you have a wealth of options for your patio, including those from renowned brands like the Outdoor GreatRoom and Lovinflame.

Furthermore, our in-house specialists are always available to ensure you get the right firepit. So, make your dream a pleasant reality by getting in touch with us today!

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