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What to Look for in a BBQ Smoker

Are you on the quest for the perfect transition from an ordinary cook to a grill master that gets everyone talking? Are you bored with bland chicken and burgers on the barbeque? Do you want to wow your friends and family with the ideal summer meal? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Barbeques Galore has a barrage of barbecue grills, including BBQ smokers, which provide a slow and easy cooking method, thus delivering tender meat infused with a pleasantly woody and deep flavor. Smoked foods take on the wood’s flavor profile during the cooking process. And, the good news, we have an array of wood chip flavors that can create the perfect ‘cocktail’ of flavors to elevate your barbecue.

Our BBQ smokers come in different fuel types ranging from electric, propane, charcoal, and natural gas, to pellet. So, whether you want to cook a palatable smoked salmon or roast exquisite lamb chops, we have the ideal product for you that’ll spruce up your generic grilling experience.

Types of BBQ Smokers

You can take your pick from the following categories of BBQ smokers that we have in stock.


Taller than they are wide, high-end vertical smokers have a notably smaller footprint compared to other counterparts. They have a plethora of racks aligned vertically, which permits larger capacity cooks. While they make an excellent accompaniment for a grill, keep in mind that BBQ smokers such as the Kamado Classic Joe III and Weber Smokey Mountain can double as a grill.


As one of the most popular classics, it, therefore, comes as no surprise then that offset BBQ smokers are the go-to in cooking competitions. Pairing an offset charcoal smoker box with a long barrel body, these smokers are ideal for slow barbecuing and discharge large amounts of smoke. Making its way through the barrel, the smoke optimizes contact with the meat.


Just as the title indicates, built-in BBQ smokers can be installed right into the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Check out the stainless steel Fire Magic 24-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill. We also have products with Wi-Fi capabilities such as the Twin Eagles Stainless Steel Pellet 36-Inch Built-In BBQ Grill and Smoker with Rotisserie.


These are the definition of versatility as they grant you free rein to sear, bake, smoke, and grill. Kamado smokers also have a broad temperature spectrum, allowing you to go ‘low and slow’ for barbeque smoking. Or, soar to well over 500 ºF for uniformly cooking wood-fired pizza or searing steaks.  At Barbeques Galore, you’ll find a vast assortment of Kamado BBQ smokers, such as the 18-inch Classic II Stand-Alone and the 24-inch Big Joe II with a built-in thermometer.

Fuel Type

  • Charcoal: If you’re looking to infuse your food with the classic BBQ flavor, then charcoal smokers are right up your alley. Using smoker wood chips that allow you to infuse the flavor of your choice, our products come in various configurations such as vertical, traditional, and offset. But remember, you’ll need to constantly ensure there’s enough fuel. And, the temperature regulation requires effort.
  • Electric: These are impressively easy to use as they don’t demand physical fuel or effort to maintain consistent temperatures. And, their compact nature makes them ideal for apartments and other places where charcoal or gas is prohibited. Our electric BBQ smokers have an adjustable shutoff timer. So, when your meat reaches a preprogrammed internal temperature, your smoker will output a warning. This curbs your meat from overcooking.
  • Gas: With a notably smaller footprint compared to the charcoal counterparts, gas BBQ smokers are more user-friendly. They eliminate guesswork by regulating your temperature without the need to constantly monitor the fuel, as seen with charcoal smokers. The rich smoky flavor is infused to your food courtesy of the wood chips that sit in a smoker box, right above the firepot. Our gas smokers use natural gas or propane.

Still puzzled about the product to buy? Consult our experts today! Having decades worth of experience with BBQ smokers, you’re certainly in good hands.

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