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Find the Best Green Mountain Grills at a Low Price

Since they entered the market in 2008, the popularity of Green Mountain Grills (GMG) has skyrocketed, courtesy of their well-constructed, high-tech designs. The brand’s increasing popularity can also be attributed to how they lowered their prices in 2014, making them a true contender.

Furthermore, they are partially responsible for the growing adoption of Wi-Fi technology in pellet grills. It allows you to monitor and control the grill remotely from your home Wi-Fi network or anywhere with a stable internet connection via GMG’s server mode.

The Wi-Fi technology ushers in the ‘set and forget’ convenience that allows you to step away from the grill for a few hours while your food cooks.

It’s worth noting that all Green Mountain Grills contain peaked lids on the cook-box that closely resembles an A-frame house. Courtesy of the extra headroom, you have free rein to smoke large birds.

For instance, if you intend to smoke a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, you can rest easy knowing that GMGs will get the job done to perfection, satisfying everyone’s taste buds.

Models of Green Mountain Grills

Contrary to a boatload of manufacturers, GMG has a simple collection of grills that is easy to grasp.

Davy Crockett

Granted, portable pellet grills are few and far between. Nonetheless, Davy Crockett is your best bet. As a Wi-Fi pellet grill, it was constructed with campers, tailgaters, and those with RVs that delight in cooking from anywhere.

Therefore, for enhanced portability, the legs of the Davy Crockett Green Mountain Grills can fold to form a carry handle. While one person could carry the grill if they had to, it’s ideally meant to be carried by two people.

Constructed from heavy-duty materials that are made to last, this grill has excellent build quality. It also comes with a handful of accessories that grant you free rein to grill from different sources.

While the portable features are excellent, the Davy Crockett GMG can stand on its own as a small-sized cooking appliance even if you have no intentions of traveling with it. Moreover, you get impressive temperature control courtesy of the digital thermostatic regulator that allows you to lower the temperature in 5°F intervals.

Daniel Boone

As the best-selling model of the Green Mountain Grills, Daniel Boone sits rights in the middle of the lineup. Upon investing in this product, you receive 458 square inches of space to cook your favorite foods all on one large rack that can comfortably house seven racks of ribs.

Giving you 13.5 inches of headroom, the peaked lid offers ample room to cook a turkey or stand up a chicken. Along with the pellet hopper, whose capacity is 18lbs, there’s a pellet alarm to alert you when you’re almost running out. The digital controller is relatively standard, allowing you to set the temperature anywhere between 150°F and 550°F.

Jim Bowie

As the big daddy of the Green Mountain Grills, Jim Bowie shares a few similarities with Daniel Boone. The only difference being that the cooking space is increased to 658 square inches. As such, you can grill more food at a go and serve more guests at once.

Apart from the grilling size, Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie have the same 17-pound hopper.


GMGs warrants against defects in craftsmanship and materials for two years from the exact date of purchase. Always refer to the manufacturers’ manual that comes with the grill for full insight into the warranty.

Green Mountain Grills: Parts and Accessories

GMG offers a wealth of accessories such as a rotisserie kit, wood-fired pizza attachment, cover, collapsible upper cooking rack, thermal blanket, and much more. However, with such a stellar reputation and performance to match, if you need replacement parts and accessories, look no further than BBQ Galore.

You’ll find excellently-honed expertise of our staff, covering everything that revolves around grilling. You can rely on the team of experts to steer you on the right path to ensure you’re happy with your purchase, regardless of what you require.

We offer everything you would need to repair or replace your Green Mountain Grill. From drip trays, tank holders, and replacement glass to grid covers, you name it!

How To Buy Green Mountain Grills

If you are wondering where to buy Green Mountain Grills for yourself and your family, then look no further as BBQ Galore is here to help as we are certified Green Mountain Grill Dealers. Our barbecue experts will help you discover the right GMG grill that will fit your home!

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! After all, your satisfaction is our priority.

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