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Outdoor Ceiling, Wall-Mount Heaters

Are you seeking to extend the season of your backyard sanctuary? Then outdoor ceiling heaters are your holy grail. Also referred to as wall-mounted patio heaters, they’re a great investment safely out of reach from children and pets as they don’t occupy floor space.

With the barrage of options we have at Barbeques Galore, finding one that pairs well with your outdoor space isn’t a challenge. And, they’re armed with adjustable mounting brackets that grant you free rein to channel the heat as you deem fit.

Outdoor Ceiling-Mounted Heaters

Designed from durable materials such as heavy-duty stainless steel, our outdoor ceiling heaters can withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at them, year-round. From reputable brands such as Twin Eagles, DCS, and AEI CORP, they also come in sophisticated designs that blend in with your outdoor environment like two peas in a pod.

Built with efficient heating in mind, outdoor ceiling heaters discharge radiant heat. So, they’re a beast at heating objects and people instead of air, which makes the heat resistant to wind and perfect for the outdoors. 

Wall-Mounted Heaters

Enjoy your outdoor space even more with a wall-mounted heater. Designed with teh same durable materials as a ceiling outdoor heater, outdoor wall heaters are designed to withstand the outdoor elements while keeping your space cluttered free. 

Available in a broad spectrum of sizes ranging from 9 to 82 inches in width, the chances of not finding the ideal size for your patio are slim to none. Some of our wall mount heaters can be remote-controlled or linked to one switch for enhanced usability.

Find Your Fuel Type

You can take your pick from outdoor ceiling heaters that come one of the following fuel types.

Natural Gas

While they usher in the convenience of running out of fuel as they’re constantly connected to a gas line to function, they demand professional installation.


With no emissions, they’re suitable for outdoor or indoor spaces. Furthermore, contrary to the gas counterparts, they don’t need ventilation.


While they call for frequent fuel replacements, they’re ready to use from the get-go without installation by an expert.

We value your safety, which is why our vast assortment of outdoor ceiling heaters comes with built-in shutoff switches that automatically turn off the fuel source. In turn, this diminishes the risk of incurring injuries. Moreover, our products are approved for reliability and safety by independent testing labs.

Our heating connoisseurs are always a call away to help you determine the heat range diameter, the finishes and colors that coordinate with your current aesthetic, and more. You’re also assured of receiving the perfect accessories such as wall switches and other controls. So, give us a call today, and your future self will thank you!

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