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Things to Consider When Buying a Gas Grill on Clearance

When the warm months roll around, it’s hard to stay indoors. So, why not try out an activity like cooking, that’s usually done inside, and bring it to the outdoors. It’s a great way to unwind and bond with friends and family. The ability to cook outdoors ushers in the opportunity to revel in the beautiful weather and try out various cooking techniques such as barbecue grilling.

Searching for a new gas grill usually entails visiting your local home improvement or hardware store. Learn more about which are the best built-in gas grills. Check out our Turbo Grill reviews! And, it’s no secret that a plethora of people have purchased clearance gas grills on this way at least once. However, after buying that glossy new grill, you may have replaced the entire product or a few of its parts sooner and more frequently than expected.

At Barbeques Galore, we believe that when you buy a grill, it’s a long-term investment that should serve you for years down the road. And, with the ocean of products we have in stock, the world is your oyster! From natural gas grills on clearance to propane gas grills, we have the biggest collection of bbq gas grills on sale!

For decades, since we penetrated the industry in 1980, it’s been our mission to help grillers find great products at the best possible prices. We proudly offer a vast assortment of options from trusted brands such as Weber, Hester, Broil King, Alfresco, American Muscle Grill, and RH Peterson.

But choosing the perfect luxury gas grill can be an uphill battle. After all, to the unfamiliar eye, they all look the same. So, instead of settling for the first product that catches your eye, consider the following tips that’ll permit an informed decision.

  • Value - Don't let those gas grills on clearance stop you from shopping. Price shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of value. Consider other crucial aspects such as the quality of materials used, functionality, engineering, features, and design that are markers of a gas grill’s value.
  • Durability - The top of the range gas grills are built from stainless steel that’s graded according to the material composition. And remember, not all grades behave the same. 304-grade holds impeccably well to the elements and maintains a great outlook for years down the road. The 316-L grade, which is more superior, is an excellent choice for coastal regions that are salt-rich or cold regions where salt is used to de-ice the roads.

The marine-grade counterparts are suitable for outdoor spaces that sit right by the seaside. Those residing in sweltering hot areas should consider gas grills designed from 443-grade stainless steel as it possesses unmatched resistibility to heat-stress. This is because the high chromium component of 443-grade stainless lowers the steel’s expansion upon heating. It remains resistant to the elements, as seen in the 304-grade.

  • Performance - The design of a flame tamer, burner, and BTU are just a few of the determining factors in the performance of gas grills. Our products offer a broader spectrum of temperature variances, fewer flare-ups, and uniform heat distribution.
  • Style - Your outdoor kitchen or backyard patio will be home to countless intimate shindigs. So, during these times, you’ll want a gas grill that you can proudly showcase. With the advent of technology, chic and modern styles of gas grills have cropped up, leaving you spoilt for choice. They include features such as mirror-polished glossy edges and illuminated LED controls.
  • Fuel Type - Gas grills come in one of two fuel types: natural gas and propane. For the former, a utility company must pump it into your home. Do you have a natural gas line already installed that may need to be expanded slightly? Then a natural gas grill is right up your alley. Learn more about the best natural gas grills we have available.

On the other hand, propane comes in an exterior, portable fuel tank. Propane gas grills are ideal for enhanced mobility. While the performance of the two counterparts is constant, the only variation stems from the connections, valves, and fittings.

Still need help deciding on the right BBQ grill for you? Our barbecue experts are always on standby, ready to address all your questions and concerns about gas bbq grills. Shop our gas grill clearance sale today!

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