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Find the Best Alfresco Grills at a Low Price

By investing in any of the Alfresco Grills we have in stock, you can immerse yourself in the immense pleasure of creating unique flavors coupled with the gratification of outdoor cooking. Combining the vast assortment of integrated products available with the legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, this brand is undoubtedly the definition of luxury outdoor kitchens.

Proudly manufactured in the US from top-notch materials that deliver unmatched durability and sturdiness, Alfresco Grills have been in the market for decades. Today, they draw the same inspiration and expertise to grace you with commercial-grade equipment designed with outdoor residential kitchens in mind.

From luxury built-in gas grills to the freestanding counterparts, this equipment for a boatload of restaurants and hotels is produced from the highest quality 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, with the burners constructed from the perfect blend of stainless steel and titanium, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting value for your money.

Alfresco BBQ grills are available in natural gas or propane fuel types and depending on the number of people you typically cook for, you can take your pick from 56, 30, 42, or 36.

Design is in the Details: The Features of Alfresco Gas Grills

All Alfresco grills come with amazing features that make them a worthwhile investment for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Cool-to-the-touch Knobs: Alfresco grills are designed from an air-cooled control panel that protects the grill’s accessories and your hands from the intense heat produced.
  • LED Lighting: The grills are armed with furnished LED lights on the knobs that come in handy by taking the guesswork out of nighttime grilling, more so, during warm summer nights that call for outdoor barbeques with friends and family.
  • Spring Assist Hood System: It makes lowering and lifting the hood of the grill a walk in the park.
  • The Uniquely Integrated Rotisserie: It’s an impressively quiet system that’s chain-driven and geared towards holding a maximum of 120 lbs of food.
  • Ample Room: You’ll notice the storage space found below the grill that’s useful for the spit rod when it’s not in use.
  • Ceramic Infrared Flush-mounted Burner: It comes with all Alfresco Grills and is ideal for perfectly roasting food.
  • Three-Part Adjustable Warming Rack: If above-the-grate warming and cooking is something you gravitate towards, then the three-part adjustable warming rack is right up your alley. It conveniently stores other accessories of the grill out of the way when the rotisserie is in use.
  • Optional Infrared Burner: To quicken the searing process, you can add this burner to your grill. It’s included in certain freestanding and built-in Alfresco Gas grills.
  • The Optional Drop-In Insert or Integrated Smoking Drawer: If the real wood smoked flavor tickles your fancy and gets your taste buds excited, then you’ll be pleased with this accessory. It holds sizeable herbs, chunks of wood, and liquids with a dedicated stainless-steel burner that infuses a mouthwatering smoked flavor to your food.

Alfresco Grill Accessories

For unrivaled versatility in a refined grilling experience, browse through our wide selection of Alfresco grill accessories for a boatload of optional extras. For instance, the Alfresco Fryer and Steamer grants you free rein to fry and boil food concurrently as you grill veggies and meats on the other burners. You can steam veggies, boil lobsters, or fry some chicken, just as you would in an indoor kitchen. The world is your oyster!

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