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Outdoor Patio Heaters: Low-Cost VS High-End

If you are someone who enjoys hosting parties outdoors or loves the outdoors, then you know just how important it is to have a patio heater, especially during the colder seasons. Where would we be without the convenience and warmth of outdoor patio heaters? Not only do they ward away the chill of a space, but they can also transform an outdoor space into a place cozy enough that everyone will love to be.

As there are many brands and models of patio outdoor heaters on the market that vary in price, it can be hard to know which to choose from. You can grab an outdoor heater for as little as $100 depending on how specific you want your new heater to be, but should you? Do you want to go with the low-cost heater or pay a little extra for something more worthwhile?

Before you jump at buying an outdoor patio heater, let’s weigh the pros and cons of low-cost patio heaters and higher-end patio outdoor heaters.

Are Low-Cost Patio Heaters Worth It?

There is no doubt that the biggest draw to low-end patio heaters is their low initial cost, especially for those who want to be kinder to their wallets, but there is much more to those patio heaters than meets the eye. Running as low as $100, the price tag on cheap patio heaters may catch your eye, but rather than buy it right away, you should be asking yourself why is there a difference between their higher-end counterparts?

Beyond just heating your backyard space, outdoor patio heaters will vary on factors such as pricing, specificities and configurations, user-friendly safety features, and much more. Knowing what differentiates these patio heaters will help you make an informed decision on which heater you should buy.

The Positives of High-End Patio Heaters


Beyond the basics such as a turn-on and turn-off system, most low-cost patio heaters do not have advanced safety features like high-end patio heaters. Premium patio heaters offer much more important safety features such as:

  • Automatic shut-off: Will automatically close off the burner if it senses the heater is toppling over.
  • Safety Pilot System: If the gas supply is interrupted, this safety system will provide a safe and secure shutoff.
  • Anti-tilt Safety Design: A larger or wider weighted base designed to prevent tip-overs.
  • UL Listed & Approved: The product is nationally recognized for meeting safety and sustainability standards.
  • CSA Safety Certified: A safety rating that is given only if the heater has been tested and meets all safety standards.


Premium patio heaters have far more technical advances than your basic patio heaters. Cheaper models will only feature a turn-on and turn-off system, but higher-end models will offer you more advanced features such as:

  • High-Efficiency Reflector: Allows you to direct the heat wherever you desire, meaning you are in complete control of your heater.
  • Wind Resistance: This quality allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even in the windy, colder months.
  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Construction: This feature brings an additional layer of protection against any corrosion and damage to your patio heater.
  • Piezo Match-free Ignition: Convenient and user-friendly, simply flip a switch or push a button to light the heater.


Just as their name suggests, high-end patio outdoor heaters are constructed from higher quality materials like steel or cast iron, which means they can endure all weather elements and will not rust or deteriorate.

  • 430-Grade stainless steel: The least expensive material to manufacture and construct with, but it will cause the product to rust and deteriorate easily.
  • 201-Grade stainless steel: More expensive than 430-grade steel, but what makes it stand apart is that possesses anti-rusting properties.
  • 304-Grade stainless steel: The most premium grade of steel, this material of steel has the best protection properties against rust and breaking.
  • Cast Iron: Toughest material to construct with, this material retains heat better and can withstand any outdoor elements.


Your patio heater will last you only so long as the quality of materials used to manufacture it is long-lasting. Just as we mentioned previously, cheap models of patio heaters will break and wear down faster due to their poor quality of construction and functionality. Premium patio heaters will last you far longer because they are made from higher-quality steel and materials, ensuring they will last you for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

High-end patio heaters come with digital programming or useful on-demand heating that helps it utilize fuel much more effectively than low-cost heaters. Possessing top-tier technological features, high-end patio outdoor heaters will give you more heat and energy with less fuel, meaning it will lower your utility bill in the long run. You will even find yourself refueling the heater less than with a cheaper patio heater.

BONUS: Style

Style and construction may not be an important factor to many, but it does play an important factor in the ambiance of your backyard and patio space. High-end outdoor patio heaters do come in a wide array of styles and with a greater quality of construction. The same cannot be said for the lesser versions, as they often come in just simple boxy-looking designs that will often break any ambiance or look you may have.

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