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Find the Best Fire Magic Grills at a Low Price

Nothing beats backyard barbeques. Foods that come off the grill occupy an echelon character and flavor that is nearly impossible to emulate elsewhere. Taking the time to smoke pork ribs throughout the day or simply grilling a few ears of corn ushers in more than an unmatched payoff. That’s why you should only trust the top of the range grills and accessories to get the job done.

With over 80 years in the BBQ industry, Fire Magic Grills have reached the pinnacle of outdoor grilling experiences. If you’re looking for performance, style, and quality rolled into one, your search ends here.

Why Choose Fire Magic Grills?

There’s no denying they feature an excellent warranty coupled with premium materials that will deliver a lifetime of enjoyment. When you think of Fire Magic Grills, the following aspects should come to mind.


Constructed from heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel, Fire Magic Grills can weather rust, corrosion, and anything else Mother Nature throws at them for years down the road. The Diamond Sear cooking grids made of stainless steel are not only heavy-duty but also non-stick, so they can easily withstand years of use.


With the ability to attain low and high temperatures, this brand has produced one of the most versatile grills in the industry. While their cooking surface area has been engineered to be larger than competitors, the grill width is the same. Fire Magic Grills offer five ways of barbecuing, ranging from charcoal with an insert, grilling, rotisserie, and smoking, to searing.


The grills from this brand capture anyone’s attention as they are regarded as pieces of art. From windows that allow you to peek into your grill to LED backlit control knobs, Fire Magic Grills are not only aesthetically pleasing but also impressively functional.

Fire Magic Collections

The brand takes the cake as one of the most innovative BBQ grills, with different collections that leave you spoilt for choice in your quest to find the perfect option that will best suit your grilling needs.

Fire Magic Legacy

Courtesy of the conventional feel and look, this collection brings back nostalgic feelings. While the Fire Magic Legacy grills are available with the control knobs sitting at the front, most of them have an older drop-in style whereby they are found on the side, at the same level as the grilling surface.

Fire Magic Aurora Collection

Granted, the Aurora lacks the same customizations as the pricier Echelon Diamond. However, it’s packed with most of the same basic features, such as a removable warming rack, a spring-assisted hood, and exclusive E-shaped burners made of stainless steel. The Fire Magic Aurora Collection provides great value given its price point, as it challenges the idea of what grills are.

Fire Magic Choice Collection

The Choice Fire Magic Grills serve as a bridge between the conventional Legacy counterparts and the more luxurious Aurora models. The Choice collection features updated contemporary styling that’s closely similar to the Aurora grills at first glance. While it lacks the boatload of features that the Aurora collection has, there’s no denying it has more than the Legacy.

Echelon Black Diamond Collection

While the Echelon Black Diamond Fire Magic Grills are packed with the same incredible features found in the Diamond counterparts, they have stainless steel satin accents coupled with a porcelain coated finish that add a touch of elegance.

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