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Gateway drum smokers replicate the mouth-watering taste of barrel or pit-smoked BBQ in half the usual time. Smoked bbq is about intense charred flavor, but also about how tender and crisp with juicy edges meat becomes when cooked at length between 250 - 350F. A gateway drum smoker allows you to "set and forget" and impress your guests with authentic smoked BBQ.


Manufactured right here in the USA, these one-of-a-kind smokers offers you many features and conveniences that will make your cooking experience incredibly amazing. These unique drum smokers offers an innovative way to smoke full-flavored meals for the whole family.

Constructed for both hot and fast, and low and slow cooking, get the best of both worlds with this smoker that is full of superb features that will surely up your game at a low cost!

  • Maximum Versatility: Get mouth-watering and flavorful meats and seafood every time! These user-friendly smokers allow you to cook however you want, be it hot and fast or low and slow.
  • Easy to Control Temperature: Designed with two air-intake pipes with adjustable flappers for easy temperature maintenance and full air flow control.
  • Light & Portable: Constructed to be light and portable, the Gateway Drum Smokers are made to be with you wherever you go.
  • High Performance: Engineered with a solid barrel, the drum smoker maximizes heat and prevents any heat loss.
  • Supreme Fuel Efficiency: Able to hold up to 10 lbs of natural lump charcoal, this drum smoker allows you to cook and smoke up to 14 hours for full maximum flavor.

Made to Work For You

Whether you prefer a smaller capacity Gateway drum smoker for daily use, a Gateway barrel smoker big enough to serve a crowd tailgate party or a Gateway BBQ drum with grill, Gateway Drum Smokers has the perfectly sized, functional model just for you.

Choose a Gateway Drum Smoker or Gateway Barrel Smoker to saturate your meats, beans and vegetables with that smoked-pit flavor or a Gateway Drum Smoker with a BBQ grill to sear your smoked meat on the spot.

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