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6 Essential Pellet Grill & Smoker Accessories

Whether it’s barbecuing, searing, or smoking, pellet smokers are capable of any cooking style you have in mind. Versatile and unique, no one can deny how wonderful it is to grill on a pellet grill and smoker.

But having the right accessories to accompany your pellet grill & smoker will make your cooking experience and quality all the more fun and easier.

While some accessories can be considered optional, others are essential or must-have if you desire to make delicious dishes consistently. We have picked essential accessories every pitmaster should have to amp your grilling game. Make sure you grab them!

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, making it easy to enhance the taste and quality of your barbecue. A wafting aroma from your outdoor grill is achieved easily through flavored wood pellets. If you are smoking a pork shoulder, beef brisket, or ribs, these pellets will give out a flavorful smoke absorbed by the meat you are cooking. Besides a great taste, reliable pellets should also give you consistency, low ash production, and a dependable even burn.

There are various flavored wood pellets from popular brands, and we have some of the best and top brands like the Premium Apple Blend, Premium Gold Blend, Premium Fruitwood, Premium Texas Blend, among others.


While this may sound technical, BBQ thermometers are some of the essential gill accessories you should have during your cookout. A thermometer helps you cook precisely to avoid overcooking and the risk of foodborne illnesses and safely cooked. Thermometers give you peace of mind when cooking and smoking outdoors.

Without consistent temperature on your smoker, it’s challenging to get a low and slow barbecue. That’s why you need a reliable quality grill thermometer. Your grill may already have an in-built thermometer, but if not, make sure to get one that is instant-read, durable, easy to read, and meets all your needs.

Tool Sets

Grilling and smoking tools make your cooking enjoyable and super fast. These essential pellet grill accessories will also make your barbecue safe from injuries and burns and help you maintain high hygiene standards.

We recommend investing in these accessories early to avoid rushing for poor-quality tools later. You should ensure you have some of the best available accessories, such as the handle toolset, the meat handler forks, tongs, spatulas, skewers, grill brushes, scrapers, thermometers, hooks, knives, among others.


A basting brush will allow you to add moisture to your meat once it forms its crust. and when adding mouth-watering sauce to your meat. Brushes are made to bring you convenience and ease when cooking with a pellet grill and smoker. Designed to make basting and flavoring your meat easier, brushes will only enhance your food to delicious new levels!

Apart from BBQ brushes, other pellet grill accessories that form the basics include tongs, spatula, claws, BBQ knives and cutlery, a good apron, and leather gloves.


A good grill cover will prolong the life of your pellet smoker as compared to an inferior quality which will do more harm than good. There are a lot of grill covers in the market that you can purchase. However, not all of them are of good quality. Be sure to purchase a breathable pellet grill cover. Breathability helps the moisture escape to avoid mold from forming if the environment is damp.

Like other grill models, pellet smokers have electrical components necessary for their operations, and if they get wet, your pellet grill will get damaged. A good grill cover will provide absolute environmental protection so you don’t worry about wetness, rust, or dirt that may contaminate your cooking area.

Marinades & Rubs

Just by the look, the difference between marinades and rubs is obvious. Rubs are dry, and marinades are wet. The beauty of grilling is that you can take any meat, add salt and pepper and leave it at that.

Rubs consist of dry ingredients that are applied on the surface level. Though they will not deeply penetrate the meat, they will season it and add a fantastic bark or crust. On the other hand, marinades are like immersion baths. If they are not in liquid form, they are not marinades.

Apart from elevating your grilled meat flavor, marinades act as tenderizers since they have an acidic liquid that breaks down the meat and changes its texture and are a sure way of bringing the best out of your pellet smoker.

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