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Gas Grill FAQ

Gas Grills Frequently Asked Questions

Did you access your backyard's gas grill from time to time while growing up? If so, you are lucky! However, if you're like most people, you probably don't know much about the trendy grills around. At Barbeques Galore, we know a thing or two about gas grills. Our experts have answered many BBQ gas grill questions for the last 20 years. This guide encompassed all possible FAQs to let our experts answer everything you may want to know.

How Long Will Your Gas Grill Last?

Several factors come into play when it comes to the lifespan of a gas grill. These may include use frequency, environmental exposure, and construction material. Regardless of how you care for the appliance, it'll rust at some point because of iron's presence in all steel. If you want to extend its lifespan, ensure you incorporate regular grill maintenance and cleaning.

How Will You Light Your Gas Grill?

Not all gas grills light the same because there are four factory ignition types. Ensure you check your manual to know your model ignition method and how to light your particular gas grill. Don't forget to check whether the appliance has secondary ignition options, including match-on-a-stick or flash tube.

How Will You Clean Your Gas Grill?

After cooking, you have several things to do, but your gas grill needs seasonal and regular maintenance. You can find out more from our indebt grill cleaning guide.

When Should You Clean Your Gas Grill?

While cleaning your grill isn't a challenging task, it can determine its lifespan. Our guide to drill cleaning offers you the best care practices to help you continue cooking the delicious foods you love!

Is It True That Gas Grills Are Better Than Charcoal Grills?

You need to consider your personal preferences to answer this question. For example, do you enjoy the grilling process, or do you want convenience and quickness? Using gas grills is straightforward, and you don't need much attention compared to charcoal pits. However, gas grills have a smaller temperature range, but they won't have the charcoal pits' smoky flavors. We love trying both experiences, and if this sounds interesting, you're good to go!

Is Gas Cheaper than Charcoal?

Typically yes. Also, natural gas is cheaper than propane. Gas is an excellent option if you want to save for your cooking expenses. Note that cooking with charcoal can be somehow wasteful. With a gas valve, all you need is to shut it to conserve energy, but cooking with charcoal may leave a load of it unused.

Will a Gas Grill Use Charcoal?

Using a gas grill can only happen if the design permits it to do so. Some appliances may come with accessories that keep high heat and ash from causing damage. For example, Coyote Outdoor Living and Magic brands' gas grills come with charcoal trays for this purpose. American Made Grills are an exception because the design ensures the use of different fuel types.

What is a Hybrid Grill?

These are grill models that can use charcoal and gas fuels simultaneously. While American Made Grills are a great example of hybrids, other brands offering smoker boxes and trays could also qualify.

How Will You Install a Built-in Gas Grill?

Built-in gas grill installation isn't difficult. All you need is to consider your grill's cut-out dimensions to make cuts into your countertop or island and push it into the space. The grills come with flanges on both sides and at the rear to enhance the countertop's weight-bearing. You don't need fasteners, supports, and brackets! When connecting gas grills, you want to work with a certified professional and follow the manufacturer's manual.

What Is an Infrared Gas Grill?

Infrared grills do not use convection heat like their traditional counterparts, but their burner's design allows infrared heat production. Infrared heat is hotter, cooks faster, and travels in safe directional waves. This is critical for the food to retain moisture. Some models come with all-infrared burners, while others only have one. Generally, these grills are associated with high-end temperatures; some brands offer a considerable heat range.

What’s the Difference Between Natural Gas and Propane?

While natural gas and propane have different densities, gas grills are similar. Regardless of the fuel, they produce identical flavor and temperature. Only the pre-drilled orifices and pressure regulators are fuel-specific.

Can You Convert a Natural Gas Grill to Propane?

Most manufacturers apart from Napoleon and Weber provide gas grill conversion kits, allowing certified professionals to install easily.

Can You Use Propane With a Natural Gas Grill?

You don't want to do this unless you work with an expert who understands grill fuel conversion. Using improper fuel isn't something you want to try because propane orifices are smaller than natural gas orifices.

What Duration Will a Propane Tank Last With a Gas Grill?

It depends on the grill's BTU rate, which estimates the gas amount it can burn per hour. The typical 20-pound propane tank is approximately 430,000 BTUs. This means the only thing you want to keep in mind is the grill's BTU.

What Is a Gas Grill Regulator?

A regulator's work is to maintain a particular gas pressure when the gas enters the grill. Using the right regulator is critical for proper cooking and safety.

How Will Your Gas Grill’s Flames Look Like?

A gas grill should produce a blue flame with a slight yellow tip. If the flame is completely yellow, it signifies too little oxygen mixing. This means you need to open the shutters more.

How Will You Maintain Your Propane Tank?

You should discard your propane tank immediately when you discover signs like: rust, Opening the valve is challenging, or if the tank gets filled accidentally. If you have a malfunctioning propane tank, you can visit most of your local hardware and grocery stores for an exchange. Keeping your tank out of direct sunlight is one of the best ways to maintain it. Warming the tank as it cools causes the bottom to sweat, leading to possible rust.

What Is a Good Btu Rating for a Gas Grill?

Is there anything like a "good" BTU gas grill rating? The simple answer is no. It's not uncommon to think BTU is a temperature measurement. However, it only indicates its burning capability per hour (BTU/h). Grill's BTU is all about fuel efficiency, similar to a car's miles per gallon. This means The BTU rate influences the temperature but doesn't determine the grill's hotness.

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Can Your Gas Grill Lines Freeze?

While natural gas may take longer to condense, propane takes approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if water enters the line, freezing may happen sooner. While regulators have higher freezing chances, it's a rare occurrence.

Which Gas Grills Are Made in the USA?

There are several grills made in the United States. You can find out more from the United States grill brands' made.

Are Gas Grills Allowed on Balconies?

Typically, they aren't allowed, but most condo associations and apartment complexes have rules specifying where to locate specific grill types. Note that putting a grill on your balcony can make meeting the manufacturer's manual clearances challenging.

How Will You Winterize Your Grill?

All you need to protect your gas grill during the cold months is to cover it.

Can You Smoke Meat on Your Gas Grill?

Typical smoking involves a stead-low temperature and wood smoke. The approximate temperature is 225 degrees. Sometimes, gas grills may struggle to get a consistent low temperature and more air from the oven than charcoal grills.

How Can You Remove Carbon Buildup on Your Gas Grill?

Cleaning your gas grill regularly is the best way to eliminate soot, carbon, and other by-products buildup. You need a scrubbing grill brush and gloves for cleaning. Avoid chemical oven cleaners and go for Carbon-Off products.

How Can You Remove Rust From Your Gas Grill?

While stainless steel doesn't have rust-proof, you want to ensure regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent this from occurring sooner. While rust spots may not impact the performance of your grill, you want to handle them immediately to avoid further damage.

How Can Wind Affect Your Gas Grill?

To ensure your built-in grill doesn't overheat, you want to create a taller backlash than your pit's vent. If your grill is on a cart, you only need to turn it away from the wind.

Can You Use a Different Brand’s Griddle on Your Gas Grill?

Whether a griddle isn't built for your grill's brand or not, it'll work as long as it fits and gets hot on it. Leaving enough space around your griddle when using it with a different grill brand; ensures proper airflow.

What Kinds of Grills Last the Longest?

Generally, heavier gauge material grills and those made from stainless steel cast last longer.

What Grill Grates Last the Longest?

Most grill grates are made of stainless steel, making them extremely durable as stainless steel can withstand high heat.

Why Do Your Grill Grates Rust All the Time?

Your grill grates will likely rust due to a lack of seasoning and oiling. It's critical to maintain and clean your grill grates to avoid this.

What Grills Don’t Rust?

Grills made from cast aluminum won't rust because the material never rusts.

How Many Burners Should Your Gas Grill Have?

It depends on your grill's width. Two burners are recommendable for proper dual-zone grilling.

How Important are BTUs?

British Thermal Units only measure fuel efficiency and use but don't tell much about cooking power. While they can influence temperature potential, many factors come into play that shows a grill's potential to get hot and how it can maintain the heat.

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