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Benefits of Outdoor Refrigeration | Buying Guide

The Benefits of Outdoor Refrigeration

What is Outdoor Refrigeration?

An outdoor refrigerator is the ultimate outdoor cooking convenience. Whether it's being able to have another round of burgers on deck to throw on the grill or a place to have that last bottle of wine ready in case the night goes a little longer than expected, an outdoor refrigerator will have your back.

Outdoor refrigeration is much more than just an outdoor minifridge that stores your meat and vegetables till it’s party time (though that is nice to have too). An ice maker will keep your party going and not let guests' drinks get too warm. A wine cooler can keep all your wines in just the perfect environment for optimal storage, and a kegerator can keep your guests happy without needing to be constantly restocking the fridge.

Outdoor Refrigeration Advantages

Large Parties Icon

Large Parties

Create ample storage spaces and a constant supply of fresh ice, to host even larger parties than you could.

Longer Parties Icon

Longer Parties

Store plenty of ice, wine, and beer to keep everyone happy, extending your backyard parties into the night.

Convenience Icon


Don’t waste your time with constant trips inside and keep everything you need at your next event outside.

Save Money Icon

Save Money

Extra outdoor refrigeration units allow you to save money by buying bulk drinks, foods, and wines.

Families Icon

Great for Families

Spending the day swimming and playing can make your kids hungry, so keep your frozen treats nearby!

Recycle Icon

Less Waste

Drink and ice dispensers generate less waste than bottles, cans, and bags bought separately.

Reliability Icon


Keep foods and beverages ready for the next party with outdoor-rated and food-safe appliances.

Display Piece Icon

Display Piece

Make your kitchen a centerpiece of your outdoor living area with appliances that fit your aesthetic.

Why Should You Have Outdoor Refrigeration?

It’s pretty obvious why you would want a fridge, freezer, and drink dispensers in an indoor kitchen, so why not want the same conveniences in your outdoor kitchen? These appliances provide the same conveniences in a package that can withstand the elements and be ready when you are.

Outdoor Refrgerator

Refrigeration Appliances Keep the Party Going

Imagine how it can feel when your visitors are having a great time, and the party has to end because you've run out of beer. Or, the bag has no ice to keep your beverages cold – pretty disappointing, right?

An outdoor wine cooler or kegerator allows your guests to fill their beer glasses and vintage booze to keep the party going well into the night. An outdoor refrigerator with an ice maker can generate enough ice to keep those cocktails cold.

Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

Refrigeration Produce Increases Your Storage Space

Outdoor refrigeration products all have the same goal – increase cold storage space for your kitchen. Appliances like in-built outdoor refrigerators and freezers can also transform your outdoor kitchen's appearance.

A freestanding refrigerator sitting in your garage can double up your storage space. Besides, outdoor refrigerators with ice makers store ice and ensure you always get a fresh supply of ice cubes to keep your drinks cold.

Outdoor Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers Protect Your Delicate Wine

Having wine is a tasty treat, thanks to its amazing flavor, it can also liven up gatherings and parties. However, your wine can quickly lose its taste if it is exposed to noise, light, vibration, and warm temperatures. But if you are able to get an outdoor wine cooler, all those factors will stay far away from your wine. You can find some models designed with double cooling zones, allowing you to store several vintages at the proper temperatures for shorter and even longer periods.

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Outdoor Refrigeration Innovations

Outdoor refrigeration has touched the lives of many, adding utmost convenience to their everyday outdoor lives. These units have undergone significant transformations since their inception. For instance, today's models come in tons of products specialized for both single-use and multipurpose. That's not all! Newer innovations of these appliances continue to arise, and some of them include:

Outdoor Gourmet Ice Maker

Gourmet Ice Maker

Outdoor refrigeration of any kind elevates an outdoor kitchen, and that remains true with a gourmet ice machine. These units both look great, but also provide a classy finishing touch on any drink with their unique "top hat" or thimble-shaped ice. This ice shape has become a popular option in many high-end restaurants. The ice both looks unique but is also denser than other types of ice. This means the ice melts slower, so it keeps your drinks colder for longer.

Outdoor Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

Refrigeration compressors originally involved a simple rule: switch on when it gets warm and switch off when it gets cold. Despite being in use for decades, this technique isn't efficient, increasing your electricity bill. Thankfully, there is a remedy for this problem. They feature compressors that remain on instead of turning on and off repeatedly. Besides, these compressors work faster when the box gets warmer and slow down once the box gets cold.

Outdoor Multi-Tap Outdoor Kegerators

Multi-Tap Outdoor Kegerators

We all have different beer preferences. It can be overwhelming to meet everyone's needs at game-day outdoor cooking. With a multi-tap kegerator, you can simultaneously store and serve your guests up to three different beers. With both additional taps and extra storage space for smaller kegs to keep the choices open, this will enable you to turn your backyard into a true outdoor bar perfect for even the most varied guest list.

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