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Which Kamado Grill Class is Right for You

Kamado Grill Class Criteria

If you want to maintain the traditional barbecue experience with a pocket-friendly budget, entry-level kamado grills are suitable. Though they are affordable, they have thin ceramic or painted steel bodies that can't handle extreme heat levels or retain heat well. Entry-level kamados' slim warranties on both internal and external parts reflect their short lifespan. They lack 2-zone cooking, have limited heat range, and restrict cooking versatility due to the few included accessories.

Top Entry Level Kamados

Grilling is usually a weekend afternoon or holiday tradition in many home setups to relax while catching up with friends and family. To help you determine which kamado grill class is suitable for you, you should analyze them based on quality, features, price, and performance criteria. Each category of the kamado grills presents different qualities, features, performance, and price.

We have experts at Barbeques Galore who can help you evaluate these grills to determine which belongs to the Luxury, Premium, or Entry-Level class. Also, we guide you in picking the most suitable for a magnificent barbecue experience.

This criteria classifying the kamado grills into these three defined classes place an equal evaluation on their capacity in terms of quality, performance, features, and price. The higher the class, the higher the assessment results. Here is a more detailed look at these three categories.


If you love BBQ smoking, an entry-level kamado cooker is the best fit. Extreme heat levels can damage their ceramic bodies; that's why they are used for low-and-slow smoking. Because of its metal construction, painted steel can handle extreme heat, but they are not long-lasting as ceramic. Some don't have warranties, and others may have a maximum of 5 years of coverage. Only a few brands warrant some parts up to ten years.


Kamado charcoal grills are in a league of their own. Their construction materials give them versatility in cooking; whatever you may want to cook, the kamado grill can handle it. But when it comes to performance, entry-level kamados aren't as versatile as luxury and premium Kamado grills. This is because they lack accessories that diversify your cooking methods. However, like other classifications, they are suitable for barbeque smoking.


As aforementioned, if you are looking for something affordable for barbecue smoking, an entry-level kamado grill will do the job. But don't expect to find accessories that enhance cooking versatility. Most of them only have heat deflectors for baking or smoking meat. If you are looking for a kamado that costs less up front and you don't mind limited warranties, features, longevity, and versatility, go for an entry-level kamado cooker.

Top Premium Kamados

A wide range of tools and accessories is available in this class, making it more versatile in grilling. Also, its oval-shaped cookers make 2-zone cooking a reality with these kamado grills. The premium class grills have a high-fire ceramic, effectively insulating heat. This capability enables them to withstand higher temperatures.

Also backed by a lifetime warranty on its ceramic, it is the only category that offers oval-shaped cookers, with the Big Joe kamado grills as some of the largest and suitable for huge cooks. To help you sieve through these details, this is where it falls on the spectrum based on the class criteria assessment on quality, price, features, and performance.


Regarding the quality of the premium kamado grills, the ceramic body makes it outstanding, giving it an edge over the entry-level class. The Kamado Joe is the dominant model in the premium class, and if you love and value versatility barbecuing, this class is an excellent starting point.

The quality of the ceramic makes it possible to retain heat evenly, radiating it towards the food. There is also a lifetime warranty on its high-quality ceramic construction due to its capacity to withstand extremely high heat levels when cooking. Their excellent heat retention well defines the quality of premium class kamado grills.


The performance of the premium class kamado grills can satisfy the grilling desires of most discerning barbecue masters. There robust and reliable performance makes it a suitable appliance for your outdoor kitchen. While the ceramic body is exceptional at low and slow grilling, it can also achieve high temperatures excellently.

This kamado grill class allows you to perform any cooking style, and with its 2-zone model, it's easy to apply multiple techniques at once. Precisely, the oval shape kamado models in the premium class are designed uniquely to help you use heat directly or indirectly simultaneously.


Premium kamado grills have a broad and exceptional range of cooking accessories and features, making them the most versatile in the market. One of the prominent features is the shape of either a round or egg style and the oval design, which is excellent for 2-zone cooking.

Other remarkable features include laser cut heat deflector grate, grate lifters for adding charcoal, and the numerous Kamado Joe model tools that are also uniquely named like Joetisserie and Dodojoe. Another noticeable feature but common especially in the Kamado Joe is the striking shiny red color, which is mainly a key signature for most of these grill models.

Top Luxury Kamados

Just as the name sounds, luxury kamado grills are top-of-the-line cookers backed by lifetime warranties. Are they worth the price tag? Yes, luxury kamado grills are worth every dollar. If you want an appliance with more features, high-performing, and more durable construction, go for luxury kamado grills. The quality, performance, features, and pricing make these grills luxurious.


Unlike other traditional kamados, this class of grills is not made of ceramic. Instead, they are constructed with high-quality cast aluminum that is far stronger than ceramic. Though luxury kamado grills don't retain heat as ceramic, they can reach and sustain high heat. They are also protected against rust despite its cast aluminum material.

A luxury kamado grill will enhance your outdoor kitchen aesthetics with its sleek modern stainless steel design. Most of these grill models have a lifetime warranty on all parts, guaranteeing their longevity.


Cast aluminum will get the job well done just like ceramic, and the material can withstand explosive blasts and never rusts. Because of their construction, metal kamado grills get hotter than ceramic. So luxury kamado cookers will reach high temperatures pretty fast. That's why you need to wear insulated grill gloves when using one.

While aluminum is not as good as ceramic at retaining heat, luxury kamado grills' excellent construction with a solid thickness makes them maintain a stable temperature and radiate heat as ceramic grills.


To give you the value for your money, kamado charcoal cookers in this class have unmatched features. Their bevy of helpful features makes these grills the best for most people. You will love their multi-level grate system and their easy to lift lid that locks closed to maintain heat. The ash drawer makes it easy to clean, allowing a good flow of air and reaching high temperatures when grilling. Whether you are searing, smoking, or roasting, the markings on the thermometer will indicate the temperature levels making it friendly for beginners. Combine all these features with the grill's sleek design, and you will have a backyard champion.

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