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Which Class of Pizza Ovens Is Right For You

Whether you are cooking for one or feeding an entire sporting team, an outdoor pizza oven can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you to show off your cooking prowess. There is a large range of pizza ovens on the market and selecting one to suit your needs can become quite confusing. A good way to classify the types of pizza ovens is by choosing which class of oven is right for you - our pizza oven buying guide below will help you get started.

What to Look For?

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on which class of outdoor pizza oven you are going to buy.


can be determined by looking at the materials used for the exterior and the cooking chamber. The grade and thickness of the steel used on the exterior will help determine the cost.


can also be linked to the quality of materials used inside the oven. Using good quality refractory will let the oven heat quickly and retain the radiant heat needed for perfectly cooked pizzas.


While the luxury outdoor pizza ovens will have all of the accessories you can think of, all types of pizza ovens will come with a range of add-ons to make your life easier.

Pizza Oven Classes

Dividing our outdoor pizza ovens into 4 groups will give you a good scope to choose from. Starting with the smaller, portable cookers through to the magnificent built-in versions, these levels will help you find the perfect outdoor pizza oven for your backyard.


small and portable and wallet-friendly, these ovens are great for cooking one pizza at a time. While your results may not reach the heights of the higher-quality pizza ovens, your pizzas will come out fine and taste great.


this level will give you an outdoor pizza oven with more robust construction and a few extra accessories. The cooking chamber will have less insulation than the higher quality levels, but they will still heat up quickly.


getting an outdoor pizza oven from the premium range will give you plenty of options to customize your cooking area. Made with more robust materials and delivering high performance, these types of pizza ovens will make your food sizzle.


who doesn't want the best? An expertly designed outdoor pizza oven combined with high-quality materials and wonderful craftsmanship will create a stunning masterpiece for your backyard.

Entry-Level Pizza Ovens

If you are looking for a lightweight pizza oven that you can take anywhere, these are for you. Easy on the pocket and easy on the eye-what a great combination!


Entry-level pizza ovens are typically made from stainless steel and may be powder-coated to resist corrosion. The refractory may consist of a thin layer of ceramic material to trap heat. Expect them to last a few years.


You can easily cook pizza for a small group but will run into issues to get as hot or retain heat as the more premium ovens. With versatility being limited, their main advantage lies in their portability.


These ovens are built to a price so don’t expect the features and accessories of a better-class outdoor pizza oven. However, some models come with a removable cooking stone, built-in ignition, covers, and carrying cases.

Practical Pizza Ovens

Moving onto ovens that are a little larger, this range is perfect for those who are looking for decent quality at an affordable price. As they are made from a variety of materials, you will be able to find the price to meet your needs.


Practical pizza ovens are made from a range of steels that will typically be layered with insulation material. There is a range of different constructions for the cooking dome. You can expect to get a longer life out of them.


Good results are possible with a practical pizza oven though they typically take a little longer to generate the heat required for a perfect pizza. Lower cooking temperatures may be harder to achieve in these ovens.


These ovens come with some useful features to elevate your cooking output. These may include a pyrometer for accurate temperature measurement and peepholes to allow for constant monitoring.

Premium Pizza Ovens

Get peace of mind when you buy one of these ovens. Made from quality materials with warranties to match, you will be able to put plenty of thought into customizing your setup.


Premium pizza ovens use heavy gauge stainless steel which creates a long-lasting exterior that will be weather resistant for the pizza oven. Inside, refractory cement is the norm to keep the heat in and to help evenly radiate it.


These ovens have a large internal space that lets you cook in large volumes. Providing you with a greater variance in temperature range than the more basic models means you can cook a range of items.


On top of the standard pizza oven features and accessories, you may also come across versatile add-ons such as a food warming shelf to bring versatility to your kitchen and integrated storage areas for wood.

Luxury Pizza Ovens

These premier outdoor pizza ovens do not disappoint. Be the envy of your neighbors as you prepare feasts fit for a king. A striking centerpiece for your backyard domain.


Premium pizza ovens use heavy gauge stainless steel which creates a long-lasting exterior that will be weather resistant for the pizza oven. Inside, refractory cement is the norm to keep the heat in and to help evenly radiate it.


They provide the best you can get. The quality workmanship and materials generate high temperatures and retain the heat required for perfect pizzas. Don't stop at pizzas though, these gems are ideal for so much more.


These ovens will provide you with everything, down to the little extras such as halogen oven lights and removable hinges/doors that are not only practical but also add to the wow factor in a luxury outdoor pizza oven.

What is a Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a cooking device that is designed to generate high heat. This heat is retained by a cooking surface that is typically ceramic, brick, or stone. This combination draws moisture out of the pizza dough, making for a crispy crust. The construction of an outdoor pizza oven normally involves an exterior made of steel and a domed cooking structure. They can do a lot more than simply cook pizza. Steaks, chicken, or even fish can be cooked quickly and easily in these ovens for the times when pizza is not on the menu.

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