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Electric Grill FAQ

Electric grills surprise people who grew up watching their parents work the charcoal grill in the summer. Grilling is traditionally an outdoor activity where the sun, smoke, beer, and barbecue go together. Apartment owners have always prohibited grilling due to smoke. But today, an electric grill will not only help you bypass these restrictions, but you can invite friends for barbecue sessions all year round.

How Smoky Does an Electric Grill Get?

Electric grills do not produce as much smoke as charcoal grills because the fuel source is very different. Gas grills produce smoke due to the open flame. Electric grills also produce a little smoke due to the contact between food and the heating element, but it’s much less compared to other grills. When fat drips on the grill, it vaporizes resulting in smoke. It’s hardly a nuisance.

Can I use an Electric Grill Indoors?

Electric grills should be used outdoors. Some models are safe for indoor use, but this will be in the owner’s manual. If you use an electric grill indoors, ensure to only do so under an exhaust hood.

How do I clean an electric grill?

Electric grills are easy to clean, simply clean them with a sponge and dish soap. But we always recommend confirming this from the owner’s manual.

Electric grills come with a debris collection tray that you can easily remove and clean. You don’t need any special washing detergent for an electric grill. Be careful not to clean using a rough material that will leave scratches.

How long does it take to preheat an electric grill?

An electric grill takes about 15-20 minutes to hit the proper grilling temperature. This might increase when temperatures are low in winter. When preheating, always keep the lid shut to avoid inefficient use of electricity. Some grills have a red light that goes off when the grill is well preheated.

Can I use metal utensils on an electric grill?

Yes, but do it with precaution. Do not leave them on the cooking surface for too long because they can get hot. Electric grills’ cooking grate and heating elements are not in contact, which minimizes the risk of electrocution.

How long are electric grill cords? Can I use an extension cord?

Electric grill cords are typically 3-6 feet long. Electric grills have high power ratings which most extensions cannot provide. We do not recommend using extension cords due to the lower voltage and amperage they have. If you decide to use an extension cord, you’ll experience longer preheat and cooking periods.

Do electric grills use a standard household outlet?

Yes. Electric grills will use a standard 110-volt home outlet. Still, you should always keep the grill’s lid closed to reduce the loss of heat that increases cook time. When using an outlet with a much higher rating, you can afford to leave the lid open, but the grill draws much more power than it normally would.

Can I use an electric grill with my RV? Can I plug one into my car’s cigarette lighter?

No. None of them can provide enough power for an electric grill. When planning to take your electric grill for outdoor recreation, ensure there is a power source at the venue.

Are electric grills flame-free?

Electric grills are just about flame-free. Occasionally, though, fat will light into a flame that hardly lasts a few seconds before fizzling out into smoke. This momentary flaming is desirable for most people because it adds a smoky flavor to your barbecue.

Can I use wood chips with an electric grill?

Yes. However, you’ll need to ensure that the wood chips are soaking wet before putting them on the electric grill. Dry wood chips will catch fire and flame, which is unsafe for an electric grill. Wetting them ensures they just smoke instead of burning quickly. When using wood chips, close the lid of your electric grill so that the smoke infuses the food properly.

Are electric grills dishwasher-safe?

The grate of your electric grill is safe for dishwasher cleaning. Check your user manual to confirm what other parts of the electric grill you can safely put in a dishwasher.

Are electric grills healthy?

An electric grill requires less oil to cook compared to an air fryer or an oven grill. It’s, therefore, fit for cooking lean meat such as fish. It also does well-grilling vegetables.

Can I grill steaks on an electric grill?

Yes, an electric grill reaches sufficient temperatures to cook a steak thoroughly. The only caveats are to ensure you plug it directly into a dedicated outlet to ensure enough amperage. Keeping the lid closed ensures no heat loss when cooking steak.

Can I use an electric grill on my countertop?

Yes. If your countertop can handle the heat coming from the electric grill, it’s perfectly fine to place the electric grill there. Make sure there are no combustible materials near the electric grill. Do not leave the grill unattended. Ensure the electric grill’s cord is well secure so that it does not hang loosely and become a hazard.

The Evo Affinity 25E grill fits nicely on countertops. It makes social grilling possible while you are on the road or in an outdoor kitchen in your home.

Can I cook with dual zones on an electric grill?

Some electric grill models have two heating elements allowing you to control each independently. This allows for dual-zone cooking. You can have some steak cooking on one side and vegetables on the other. The Weber Pulse 2000 is ideal for this purpose.

Can I use an electric grill for indirect cooking?

An electric grill with 2 heating elements can achieve an indirect cooking setup whereby your food goes to one side of the grill while heat comes from the other.

Can I use my electric grill in the rain?

No, electric grills should never get wet, just like other home electrical appliances. When using the grill on a countertop, ensure the area is dry so that the grill and the cord do not get wet. Your user manual will include precautions for preventing the grill from getting wet while in use.

Will an electric grill trip my breakers? Will it trip a ground fault interrupt?

An electric grill can trip your circuit breaker or GFCI outlet if either of them is aging. Tripping occurs when an outlet is pulling more power than its rating. Your electric grill should be the only item on the outlet you decide to use. If your breaker or GFCI outlet keeps on tripping when using the electric grill, it could be up for replacement.

How can you get a classic “grilled” flavor with an electric grill?

There is not much difference between the taste of food made on a bbq electric grill and that made on a charcoal grill. The appearance of the latter might be a little more charred due to the frequent flame. However, you can use wood chips on the electric grill to add a little smokiness to the taste. Keeping the lid closed throughout the cooking session also preserves your food’s flavor.

Are electric grills the same as George Foreman grills?

George Foreman grills have a tray where drippings from food settle. Electric grills do not have such a tray and fat often drips onto the heating element. This produces flames that add a smoky flavor to the food as they vaporize. George Foreman grills never produce flames, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

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