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Top 8 Grilling Tools & Accessories

Nothing beats the smokey taste of freshly grilled food. From perfectly prepared steaks to juicy rotisserie chickens, the grill adds extra flavor and fun to everything you make. There is something about cooking in the open air that makes the process more enjoyable, and the results even better. Gather your supplies and head out to the grill to get started! Don't be afraid to experiment by using grilling tools to create some truly amazing meals.

Whether you are currently a novice at the grill and eager to perfect your skills, or you’re a veteran with tricks and tips of your own, some new tools can really ramp up your meals. Whatever your current expertise is, you can find excellent grilling accessories at Barbeques Galore for all of your needs. Discover how easy grilling can be with the help of these tools. There is something for every budget and every style of grill!

Charcoal Starters

Ditch the hassle of lighter fluid and the lingering chemical with a charcoal starter like Barbeques Galore Charcoal Chimney Starter. You can quickly and easily light your charcoal grill and spend more time on food prep or relaxing with your guests. It even helps out the environment as a more eco-friendly option than lighter fluid.

Wood Fuels

The signature smoky taste of grilled meats and side dishes is one of the main reasons why you may crave grilled food. While you will get some of that familiar taste anytime you use your grill, you can boost the flavor of your grilled meals to even greater heights by using wood chips or pellets to enhance the taste.

BBQ Thermometers

A thermometer is one of the most important grill cooking accessories that everyone should own. There are many different types of grilling Thermometers, from digital to wireless probes. Choose the one that fits your style of cooking and level of knowledge and experience. This highly useful tool can save your meals from becoming overdone and simply the grilling process quite a bit.

BBQ Griddle

Barbecue griddles are some of the best ways to enhance your grilling game. Easily installed and even easier to clean, the flattop cooking surface is a great canvas to cook a number of foods. The griddle covers the grates, so you don’t have to worry about smaller foods falling into the coals beneath. With a large, flat surface to cook upon, the possibilities for tasty treats are endless.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your grill may not be the most fun you can have, but it can ensure the livelihood of your grill and ensure tastier food. With so many cleaning products out there, remember to select the right barbecue cleaning product that matches the material of your grill and can meet all your needs.

Grill Rotisseries

BBQ Grill Rotisseries let you roast your choice of meat right on your grill. The drippings and fat naturally baste the meat to seal in flavor and moisture as excess juices are collected at the bottom of the pan. If you are feeling adventurous, vegetables and fruits can be cooked flawlessly on a rotisserie.

Infrared Burners

Cook up restaurant-quality steaks in the comforts of your own backyard with a barbecue infrared burner. Infrared Burners heat up much faster than a regular grill or stovetop and reach higher temperatures, giving you the perfect sear. You can spring for the best cuts of meat and cook them to perfection.

Pizza Stones

Grill pizza stones are wonderful accessories to have as it lets you make delicious pies in the comfort of your own home! Pizza stone’s high temperatures and even heating make it perfect for crispy pizzas in a flash when hosting large parties! Completely versatile, you can use a pizza stone to make grilled bread and baked goods.

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