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Which Electric Grill Class Is Right for You

There are many types of electric BBQ grills on the market. The variations are a little confusing for someone looking to make delicious barbeques. Does more power mean cooking efficiency? Which characteristic adds to the grill flavor? Wonder no more about finding a suitable BBQ electric grill. Here is a buying guide for the electric grill to help you maneuver the murky waters of indecision. You will also find electric grill benefits to guide you in your deliberation process.

What to Look For?

Your electric BBQ grill must meet certain standards to serve you longer; there are four factors to consider when determining these standards. Instead of wondering how to buy an electric grill, evaluate its quality, performance, and features then decide.


Consider the grill's overall construction. What material is it made from and how long should you expect it to last?


Heat regulation is crucial when barbequing. Nobody wants to eat burnt or unevenly cooked meat.


Learn which features matter when shopping for an electric BBQ grill in this electric grill buying guide.

Electric Grill Classes

The electric BBQ grill classification stems from its quality, performance, features, and prices. The higher the class, the greater the excellence. The class shows the standard electric grill benefits.

There are four classes.

Entry Level

This electric grill has the basic components to get the work done and is also suitable for someone who prefers simple grilling.


This grill has a lot more functionality than aesthetics. However, it requires hands-on manipulation.


This electric barbecue grill is designed for performance with several quality-of-life features that make barbequing easy.


These are state-of-the-art grills. It has automated functions, top-notch finishes, and durable metal bodies to last a lifetime.

Entry-Level Electric Grills

Among the electric grill benefits of this class is cheapness. Entry-level grills offer the bare minimum. Some brands include compensatory features to improve heat regulation.


Entry-level electric grills are not long-lasting. The grill's steel has paintwork to prevent rust. However, the weather elements work harder on the grill's body. The grill's vulnerability to rust gives it a short life span.


The entry-level grill is on the smaller side and will not be able to accommodate a large amount of food. The heat distribution is also very uneven and has a hard time maintaining the proper temperature for long cooks.


Some entry-entry level grills have astonishing features. For instance, a three-grill burner enables direct, indirect, and rotisserie heating. This is very helpful with getting your meat to the perfect temperature.

Practical Electric Grills

The practical electrical BBQ grills have a higher quality than the entry-level grills.


Practical Electrical grills have metal alloy bodies, which are better for withstanding rust. Despite not having the best range of heat they are a popular option for urban grilling because of their portability and easy clean-up.


Practical grills can reach high temperatures and distribute heat uniformly. You also enjoy a broad heat spectrum, regulating it with the grill knobs. Thus, you can cook your vegetables and sear your meat on the same grill.


Practical grill standard features include a locking hood, warming shelves, and dishwasher-safe removable sections. Some can even have digital temperature controls, which are virtually essential for preheating.

Premium Electric Grills

Excellence begins in this class. Furthermore, prices are relatively low compared to the Luxury class.


Premium electric bbq grills have a 304 stainless steel body, which is long-lasting, water-resistant, rust-free, and sturdy. The lids have dual or triple lining thermal insulation layers for heat containment.


With the premium quality of these electric grills comes premium performance. The durable hoods will heat the grill significantly while providing even heat distribution. This is a perfect grill for any outdoor chef.


These grills are packed with features like professional cook rods for that perfect sear, rotisserie kits that give a new level of versatility, warming racks, and some safety features like an auto shut-off and flame tamers.

Luxury Electric Grills


Luxury barbeque electric grills have an industrial-grade stainless steel body. The grills are built to withstand the elements, are durable, and are corrosion-free. Luxury-class grills also get a life-long warranty.


Luxury grills are high-performance appliances. With a wide heat range, you can cook and grill anything on this grill. The cap on higher degrees is from the grill's size which can cover over 1000 square inches.


These grills come with all the bells and whistles. Everything from an automated shut-down function, a safety timer that monitors time on an hourly basis, warming racks, and dishwasher-safe removable racks.

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